16 Times Redesigns Were So Pointless You Will Question Their Decisions

We have grown accustomed to seeing well-known companies like Warner Bros. or Pringles everywhere. Whether we like them or not, we develop strong, sometimes even emotional bonds with their traits, logos, and features. Therefore, the public pays attention when big companies decide to shake things up and change their "face" with a fantastic brand makeover. Moreover, when the stakes are this high, taking a clear wrong turn awakens our inner critic and practically compels us to make fun of the outcome.
In the long run, everything needs redesigning. Naturally, they also enhance performances and keep things from seeming overly antiquated. Look at the new Mississippi state flag; it is no longer dated and appears to be brand-new. Look at social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube today; thanks to redesigns, they are simpler to comprehend, use, and navigate than they were in 2008.
Redesigns have a very small margin for error, yet evident defects that were missed from the beginning affect more than just companies. Some upgrades to everything, even our favorite animated shows, artwork, and products, just go wrong.
Here are some of the most prominent examples that will make you question: Why did they decide to change them?

#1 I can’t believe they just did that

Source: RedditSlayer527

#2 Burger king was another victim of the 90s redesigns


#3 It's soulless, fits CIA perfectly


#4 Look how they massacred the google photos icon

Source: random___pictures1

#5 What will be next ? it’ll finish the circle ? nothing is going right with the new logo

Source: Stephanoi_Gamer

#6 Formula 1. I understand why they changed it, but dammit, the old logo was iconic!


#7 Developer downgrade

Source:  ItsDaDoc

#8 This is by far the worst redesign i’ve ever seen

Source: JLirl

#9 How the mighty have fallen

Source: SevenSevenSeve777

#10 Ruh-Roh!

Source: Red_Leader_2020

#11 Just why? (Porky pig)

Source: _himo88

#12 What the actual fawk??

Source: Ovitsbole

#13 Heroes in the half-shell to whatever this is

Source: neogeo5185

#14 Take a design that you can use correctly even in the dark and replace it with an abomination that you can get wrong even in broad daylight

#15 Well this is lame


#16 They removed the Native American but kept the land

Source: diphthing

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