Boss Requires Employees To Dedicate Themselves To Work Despite Owing Them $2000

We all have to endure thousands of dramas and troubles at work. Problems may emerge among colleagues or between boss and employee. In most cases, we try to overlook or give it in to keep a peaceful atmosphere because we need the job to make a living. However, what if you didn’t get the wage after devoting yourself to your work? Undoubtedly, you need to run away from that company and don’t forget to get the money you deserve.


The Reddit user u/whitelightnin1 posted a screenshot of the conversation with his boss to the subreddit Antiwork with the caption “Already quit. Boss still owes me 2 grand”.
The snapshot began with a long text from the manager. He wanted the poster to come to the work and finish his tasks. According to his words, the company had already owed the Redditor his wage and probably had no intent to pay that amount. The boss threatened that the writer wouldn’t receive enough wages if he continued to slack in his duty. Therefore, the company expected the Redditor to use 100% energy to complete the job.

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The man replied to his boss by asking him who didn’t give 100%. Apparently, the boss hadn’t paid him the promised wage. With the insufficient amount the company gave him, he could never dedicate himself to his work. He noted in the comment that “slightly behind” in the boss’s words was a month. Who could imagine that there was a company demanding employees to work harder while still owing their wages?

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Under the post, Redditors showed their sympathy for the poster. They believed there was no way the boss would voluntarily give him his wage, so he’d better call for help from the Labor Board. The manager’s acts were obviously illegal, and he must pay for that.

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Some commenters mocked the boss’s irrational expectations. They couldn’t believe he was able to come up with such a ridiculous idea.

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What do you think about the poster’s company? Have you ever been through a similar situation? What advice can you give to the Reddit user? Please write down your views in the comment section below!
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