Bride Roasted By Internet For Kicking Maid Of Honor Out Of Wedding Party For Being Buzzkill

A wedding sounds brilliant and full of joyful moments, but the planning process of a wedding ceremony is not so pleasant. If you have a close friend who can take charge of organizing your most memorable day, it will be the ideal prospect. However, a Reddit user threw her luck away when she forced her friend, a professional wedding planner, out of her wedding for trivial reasons.


The Reddit account u/Final_Cream6177 turned to the internet to ask if she was terrible after dismissing her Maid of Honor. The post has gained over 114,000 votes and 3,800 comments, and most netizens disapproved of the poster’s action.
The woman would be married in a month, and she was grateful when her close friend, Kathy, was a prestigious wedding planner. They had been friends since childhood, so the friend was to be the Maid of Honor. Kathy decided to help the poster plan the ceremony for free, so the bride intended to give her myriads of presents after the marriage. However, the Redditor was upset when learning that her friend didn’t want to participate in her bachelorette weekend.

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Kathy explained that she felt uncomfortable joining in some activities at the bachelorette party. She assured that the weekend would be perfect as the bride demanded, and she hoped her friends would have a great time together.

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The poster got upset with her friend due to that. She tried to persuade her Maid of Honor but failed. Kathy also refused to take in alcohol at the wedding due to her health problem, which disappointed the Redditor more.

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The Reddit user thought Kathy would likely spoil people’s joy and excitement at the wedding, so she decided to change the Maid of Honor. This move startle Kathy since she believed her choice wouldn’t affect anybody. Other friends of the bride also disagreed with her unreasonable and excessive response.

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All the comments under the post have indicated that the Redditor was the wrong person in this case. Many slammed the bride for her ungrateful attitude. She should have felt ashamed as she had ruined the relationship with a thoughtful and selfless friend willing to help her for months without payment.

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Some thought the poster was controlling and didn’t deserve her friend.

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Others found it ridiculous when the Reddit user saw her friend as a buzz killer. Kathy seemed professional by respecting her wishes without judgment, and her choice did no harm to the bride or the wedding.

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Apparently, Kathy had valid reasons for her decision, so the poster should respect her. Some users suggested the Redditor apologize to her friend and pay what she deserved.

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What do you think about the bride in this thread? Do you think she was unreasonable? Do you have any advice for her? Please write down your ideas in the comment below!
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