12 Weirdly Funny Fish That Make You Question The Wildlife

The fish is a chill species. They hardly do anything rather than eat, swim and blow bubbles. Otherwise, there is still much funny fish who have the cutest expressions. Scroll down to find out in this post! 

#1. Shocking Fish

Source: Safari

Nobody knows what this fish is surprising about. Probably he has seen the owner bringing new fish to the tank. He looks kind of shockingly disappointed.

#2. There's Something Dangerous About This Puffer Fish 

Source: Pinterest

It looks both cute and dangerous with those puppy eyes. Plus, it is smiling. SMILING AT YOU! Does it attack?

#3. Nobody Knows That This Is, But You Better Not Mess With It

Source: Pinterest

A fisherman found it under the sea. And It looks like a creature from the outer space. Look at those scary teeth!

#4. He Looks Happy!

funny fish 0 7Source: Fishingbooker

 This ray fish jumping out of water looks happy!

#5. Well It's Not Actually A Fish.

funny fish 0 6Source: Pinterest

But it looks sooooo cute! Is literally smiling at you, probably asking for treats.

#6. I'm Posing! 

funny fish 0 5Source: Pinterest

Take a lot of photos! Instagram me! Post me everywhere you little people! I'm working extremely hard for some bonus fish!

#7. If You Pay Me Enough, I Can Do Anything!

Source: BoredPanda

 Such as a wedding special guest!

#8. Get In Losers We're Going Shopping!

funny fish 0 4Source: Sunrise-Divers

Come on let me take you on a ride!

#9. Let Me Down! 

Source: Reddit

I'm a dangerous fish!! I warned you!

#10. You Wanna Fight? Come on! 

funny fish 0 3Source: The Spruce Pets

 I dare you cross the glasses and fight me! 

#11. Is He Mad?

funny fish 0 2Source: Reddit

He's not. Probably it's just his face structure. Like some kind of people.

#12. It's Not Gonna Exploding?

funny fish 0 1Source: SeaFish

Not quite sure.
We hope these funny fish photos might entertain you as the weekend is coming.
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