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23 Celebs Who Were Kicked Off Planes For Misbehaving

When people fly, a certain level of decorum is expected, but as anyone who has traveled by plane knows, not everyone seems to follow it. And, unfortunately, some celebrities appear to be part of that group. We’ve seen stars behaving badly while flying in friendly skies, which makes us wonder why they didn’t just take a private jet if they could afford it, and occasionally, they end up being kicked off the plane entirely.

For example, Mike Tyson recently made headlines for getting into a brawl on a plane, but he is not the first or only celebrity to face such consequences. And some of those who have been kicked off flights aren’t the ones we’d expect to cause so much trouble! Continue reading to find out about celebrities who have been kicked off planes. Some of these stories are quite bizarre, but there’s no doubt they kept the other passengers entertained.

#1 Alec Baldwin

Source: Splash News

Alec Baldwin made headlines in December 2011 when he was removed from an American Airlines flight for allegedly refusing to turn off his cellphone before takeoff — all so he could play “Words with Friends.” According to some reports, Alec became so enraged by the request that he stood up, insulted the crew, went to the bathroom with his phone, and slammed the door, prompting the pilot to return the plane to the gate and eject the actor. Alec later denied acting so aggressively, but admitted he was bothered by the flight attendant’s “rude tone.”

#2 Billie Joe Armstrong

Source: Sharpshooter Images/Splash News

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was kicked off a flight from Oakland to Burbank in September 2011 for wearing his pants too low. A flight attendant approached the musician and asked him to pull his pants up, according to reports. “Don’t you have better things to worry about?” he allegedly retorted. When the flight attendant repeated the request and Billie Joe did not comply, he was ejected from the plane.

#3 Blac Chyna

Source: Refinery29

Blac Chyna was kicked off a flight leaving Texas in 2016 after allegedly causing a disturbance while intoxicated. According to CBS News, Chyna was arrested and charged with “public intoxication and a felony charge of possession of less than four grams of a controlled substance” after being removed from the flight.

#4 Christian Slater

Source: Pinterest

Christian Slater boarded a Delta flight in 1994 with an unlicensed 9mm pistol in his carry-on luggage, resulting in his ejection and arrest. If he had pulled that stunt after 9/11, he could have been flagged by Homeland Security and placed on a no-fly list. However, because it was the early 1990s, his Rambo-like actions were faced with a community service sentence.

#5 Conrad Hilton

Source: WAB/Splash News

Conrad Hughes Hilton III displayed his gratitude on a flight from London to Los Angeles in July 2014. Conrad’s heinous in-flight behavior lasted 10 hours, from takeoff to landing. An investigation revealed that he smoked weed and cigarettes in the plane’s bathroom, insulted and threatened crew members, and repeatedly yelled, “I will f—-ing own anyone on this flight; they are f—-ing peasants!”

When he finally fell asleep, flight attendants were permitted to restrain him with handcuffs, and he was arrested upon landing. Following the incident, Conrad was fined $5,000 and ordered to perform 750 hours of community service.

#6 Courtney Love

Source: Richard Beetham/Splash News

Courtney Love was arrested in February 2003 for disruptive behavior and endangering an aircraft minutes after her Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to in London. During the flight, Courtney allegedly refused to take her seat and hurled profanity-laced insults at the cabin crew. Officers at Heathrow Airport were alerted to a disorderly passenger aboard the plane, and when it landed, they escorted Courtney off the plane and into a police van.

#7 Dave Chappelle

Source: Splash News

Dave Chappelle had a major mid-air freak-out in July 2010. Dave reportedly exhibited such erratic behavior aboard a private jet flying from New Jersey to Ohio that the pilot decided to divert the plane to Pittsburgh to make an emergency landing.

#8 David Hasselhoff

Source: starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

David Hasselhoff was forbidden from boarding a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles in 2006 after being deemed too drunk to fly. “Hasselhoff downed bottles of beer and shots of whisky as he waited for his flight and told BA staff he was upset about his divorce from wife Pamela after 16 years,” a source told The Sun via Daily Mail at the time.

#9 Dolores O’Riordan

Source: Simon Earl/Splash News

The late Dolores O’Riordan supposedly had some lingering anger issues when she caused trouble on a flight from New York to Shannon, Ireland in November 2014. The singer was arrested for becoming disruptive and stomping on a flight attendant’s foot as the plane was landing, all because she refused to sit down and buckle her seatbelt. Worse, when the cops arrived to arrest her, Dolores headbutted one of them and spat in his face. A $6,000 fine was imposed for the air rage incident.

#10 Gérard Depardieu

Source: Splash News

In August 2011, the French actor felt the need to relieve himself after drinking several bottles of wine before boarding a CityJet flight. However, a flight attendant insisted on him waiting until the plane took off and reached the proper cruising altitude. Gérard, apparently flustered, scrambled to the back of the plane and attempted to pee into an empty bottle. Gérard was ejected from the plane, presumably with an empty bladder, after urine splattered on the floor.

#11 Josh Duhamel

Source: GVK/Bauergriffin.com

Actor Josh Duhamel was escorted off an airplane in New York City in December 2010 after allegedly refusing to turn off his BlackBerry smartphone before takeoff. Despite repeated warnings, Josh allegedly continued texting on his device, even taunting nearby flight attendants, as the plane sat on the runway awaiting takeoff permission. Finally, all the other passengers were delayed because the plane had to return to the gate so Josh could be removed.

#12 Ivana Trump

Source: Neil Warner/Splash News

Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s ex-wife, was ejected from a plane in Florida in December 2009 after allegedly yelling obscenities at a group of rowdy children running down the aisles, referring to them as “little f—-s.” She allegedly became so rude and aggressive that the pilot decided to return to the airport terminal rather than wait in the takeoff line. Ivana had to be escorted off the plane by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

#13 Kate Moss

Source: S Fernandez/Splash News

In June 2015, after arguing with flight crew members and calling the pilot a “basic b——,” supermodel Kate Moss was escorted off an EasyJet flight at England’s London Luton airport.

The incident started when a flight attendant refused to serve alcohol to Kate, prompting her to search her luggage for her own vodka stash. Kate allegedly became disruptive after being reprimanded.

#14 Kevin Smith

Source: Derek Storm/Splash News

Kevin Smith was ejected from a Southwest Airlines flight in February 2010 for being overweight. The Clerks director had purchased two tickets for the flight from Oakland to Burbank, California, but decided to fly stand-by on an earlier flight, purchasing the last available seat. After he was seated, the flight crew determined he was interfering with the comfort of other passengers and asked him to leave. Kevin commented on the incident on Twitter, writing, “I broke no regulation, offered no safety risk.'” Despite the airline’s subsequent apology, Kevin refused to fly Southwest for the next six years.

#15 Lamar Odom

Source: Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Lamar Odom, NBA player, and Khloé Kardashian’s ex-husband was kicked off a Delta flight in 2016 after he was seen drinking in a lounge before the flight. Lamar was reportedly removed from the plane after vomiting three times including in the plane’s galley, after boarding to travel to New York.

#16 Leisha Hailey

Source: Janet Meyer/Splash News

When The L Word’s Leisha Hailey was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for kissing her girlfriend, Camila Grey, who was sitting next to her, the LGBT community was outraged. A flight attendant, apparently in response to a passenger complaint, asked the lesbian couple to refrain from any further PDA, noting that theirs was a “family airline.” Both Leisha and Camila expressed outrage at the blatantly homophobic request, and they were escorted off the plane.

#17 Liam Gallagher

Source: KCS Presse/Splash News

In 1998, Liam received a lifetime ban from Cathay Pacific for becoming visibly drunk when boarding a flight from Hong Kong to Perth, Australia. Liam allegedly flouted the airline’s no-smoking policy by smoking, throwing food at other passengers for amusement, and subjecting everyone onboard to obscene and abusive language. More than two decades later, Cathay Pacific appears to have stuck to its guns, refusing to accommodate Liam or his entourage.

#18 Mike Tyson

Source: Bloody Elbow

Mike Tyson was forced to remove from a flight in April 2022 after allegedly becoming violent with a fellow passenger. In a video obtained by TMZ, Mike appears to punch a man who had asked to take a photo with him before harassing him as the flight continued. Mike’s representative later confirmed the boxer was involved in an “incident with an aggressive passenger.”

#19 Mo’Nique

Source: AdMedia/Splash News

Mo’Nique was kicked off a United Airlines flight in 2006 after an argument over a hair dryer. After realizing there was no room in the overhead bins reserved for coach passengers, the comedian’s hairstylist attempted to store Mo’Nique’s dryer in first class. A crew member questioned the hairstylist before issuing a warning to Mo’Nique. The actress allegedly became enraged after becoming convinced that she was being racially profiled. “I felt like an animal was being treated,” she said.

#20 Naomi Campbell

Source: Page Six

When news broke that Naomi Campbell had been kicked off a British Airways flight in April 2008, no one was surprised. When told that one of the bags she’d checked was missing, the hot-tempered supermodel allegedly went on a screaming extravaganza. Naomi’s rant was so vehement that she was handcuffed, escorted off the plane, and taken to the Heathrow police station.

#21 Selma Blair

Source: Reforma

Selma Blair was stretchered off a plane and rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles. The Cruel Intentions actress was returning home with her ex, Jason Bleick, and their son after a Father’s Day getaway in Mexico. Selma allegedly went on a bizarre rant before blacking out during the flight.

Selma apologized days later in a statement to Vanity Fair, explaining she’d made the mistake of mixing alcohol with prescription medication.

#22 Soulja Boy

Source: Aaron J. Thornton/Splash News

All Soulja Boy had to do was sit down and fasten his seatbelt while an American Airlines flight attendant went over the necessary safety precautions. Instead, in an August 2013 incident, the rapper allegedly defied repeated instructions from flight attendants to remain seated, prompting two armed officers to remove the uncooperative passenger from the plane.

#23 Stephen Amell

Source: Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Stephen Amell was kicked off a flight in June 2021 after allegedly arguing with his wife Cassandra Jean Amell. Later, Stephen tweeted that after getting off the Delta flight, he was able to easily rebook another flight with Southwest.

“My wife and I got into an argument Monday afternoon on a Delta flight. I was asked to lower my voice and I did. Approximately 10 minutes later, I was asked to leave the flight. And I did so immediately. I was not forcibly removed,” he tweeted.