18 Funniest Word Arrangement Fails

Have you ever seen a sign with text placed in an odd way that made you laugh? It frequently occurs that individuals and graphic designers are unaware of the potential for their signals to be read incorrectly if viewed from a different angle.
Don't Dead Open Inside is a trope which involves incorrect interpretation of various writings and labels which include two or more lines of text and have no clear way to tell the order in which the words should be read.
Since anyone who has ever read a book before knows that words go left-to-right, doing it any other way causes massive confusion.
The name "Don't Dead Open Inside" is based on a promotional poster for The Walking Dead TV series which features one of the best recognized examples of the trope in popular culture.
Named for an image for the series premiere of The Walking Dead, where there is a chained door with zombies behind it. On the door is a giant spray-painted message that reads, "Don't open, dead inside." From top-to-bottom on the doors.
Several months later, many people began to point out that they mistakenly read it as "Don't Dead Open Inside" before realizing what it was actually supposed to say. As the years passed, several more examples of the meme spawned, and it eventually became the subject of many meme crossovers, such as "Floating Guy Chasing Running Guy," "Woman Yelling at Cat," and "Grandma Finds the Internet."
The "Don't Dead Open Inside" internet group is devoted to making fun of these bizarrely aligned statements. Photos of "signs/media that read as nonsense if read normally: from left to right" are shared by the community. The gallery below includes some of their funniest posts.

#1 Don't believe, quit now!

Source: RoamingArchon

#2 Abort Jesus


#3 No No No More More More Shame Fear Dread

Source: Nijsw122

#4 Hoho Pepe

Source: ackley14

#5 South mouth

Source: MRairden

#6 There's no Planet B

Source:  Mr_M4yhem

#7 Enjoy mouth popcorn your watering

Source: Katokiku

#8 We are fried. Hired chicken.

Source: Some–Idiot

#9 The classic

Source: ebaumsworld

#10 The its octo own pus leg eats

Source: ebaumsworld


Source: ebaumsworld


Source: ebaumsworld


Source: ebaumsworld


Source: ebaumsworld


Source: ebaumsworld


Source: ebaumsworld


Source: ebaumsworld


Source: ebaumsworld

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