17 Accidents That Apparently Cost A Lot

You understand the overwhelming sensation of holding a bag of cash if you've ever experienced it. You have the impression that everyone is aware of it and that you are constantly under attack by people who want to take it from you. But that’s just one example. Each of us has broken or lost something important to us and felt terrible about it. Have you ever, however, unintentionally damaged a pricey item? Since we cherish the items that cost us a lot of money, this is definitely not something that happens to many of us, but there are some unfortunate people who accidentally did just that.
I know how stressful it is to inadvertently break something because I am naturally clumsy. Even if the item is modest and valued, you feel a little guilty and embarrassed about how you handled it. Additionally, isn't the guilt increased if the item is expensive? Expensive items frequently receive exceptional attention, as they should. Nobody wants their hard-earned money to disappear down the toilet or fall off a cliff after spending a significant amount of money on anything.
However, accidents do happen, and it would be unfortunate if expensive stuff were the casualties. The That Looked Expensive subreddit steps in at this point. When people have lost their money in humorously unpleasant accidents, they collect those items. Enjoy our compilation of 30 expensive accidents from the neighborhood, from strangely parked cars to botched building projects!
The "That Looked Expensive" subreddit posts images of mishaps and errors that almost certainly cost a lot of money. Check out the gallery below to see some of their most intriguing, odd, and humorous postings.

#1 Highway to north of Ponoka

Source: Rasticool

#2 remember to always tip your server

Source: Azsnee09

#3 Nice weather

Source: badebdon

#4 while reversing in a canal of amsterdam, the ship struck ground

Source: D3S3RT

#5 That's one hot Ferrari

Source: jsabo

#6 grape juice overflowing. looks like a volcano

Source:  Rredite

#7 there was a small fire at my apartment building last night

Source:  thegoldenladle

#8 new hyperloop being built in Novosibirsk, Russia

Source:  r_lighter

#9 lemme teach this kid how to draw!!

Source: Professional_Cat_298

#10 the costa concordia disaster

Source: AnxiousIndicator

#11 pipes burst underneath basketball court

Source: superfleh

#12 diamonds are … not forever

Source: NamasteVibes

#13 remember to always tip your server

Source: Azsnee09

#14 if you’re going to f**k up, make sure you f**k up in such a way that it leaves people asking how you did it

Source:  KeyAdministration900

#15 Yikes

Source: B-L-O-C-K-S

#16 Absolutely shattered

Source: Dutten06

#17 When you use the wrong cheat code

Source: B-L-O-C-K-S

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