16 Stupid Things Kids Did That Adults Shared Online For Everyone

We've all been kids once or twice, yet child logic is still mostly a mystery. even when we mature and have children of our own. Imagine putting "wonderful cube rocks" in your backpack or taking a swim in paint cans after your parents spent $150 on a pool.
We don't anticipate much logic in the actions of children or the questions they ask us. They occasionally impress us with a thought-provoking question or insightful statement, sure. However, they will then come clean about how stupid they really are and complain that the ice cream is too cold. Who are we to judge, though?
All of us have been there. We have all experienced the stage of life when common sense was nonexistent. That's probably why childhood memories are the sweetest ones we have since they are reminders of carefree days when nothing needed to make sense at all.
a subreddit r/KidsAreF*** ingStupid provides a priceless collection of adorable and hysterically entertaining young people who are completely illiterate. What, seriously, can't you hula hoop? The description of the organization, which boasts 1.7 million members, refers to Jesus Christ. What you're about to see will make you wonder if you were also like this, and the likelihood is that you were.
Let's indulge in some innocent laughter as we recall some of the silliest and most stupid things children do. See the collection of comments where parents describe the occasions when their children actually astonished them with their efforts.

#1 My Little Sister vs. The Roomba

Source: pil0t_g2

#2 We found my wife’s phone in the toilet yesterday. we weren’t sure which of our three kids put it there until my wife scrolled through her pictures today

Source: footeperu

#3 Time to renew

Source:  jibinjohn369

#4 Playing hide and seek with a toddler is always a thrill

Source: KingD88

#5 My gf works at a daycare

Source: darC_Jak

#6 He refused to let me help him order his food because he’s a “big boy”. now he’s sitting mad as hell with his egg on a hot dog bun with jalapeños and black olives

Source: me_irl_but_online

#7 Crying because she found out her mum’s real name

Source: IrfanMirza

#8 My brother and i met our favorite super hero (the hulk) when we were 4. we were frustrated because lou ferrigno wasn’t green

Source: DustyPlumper180

#9 It makes 1 hour that they’re looking for their car keys that their kid buried inside the sand

Source: Deimos_PRK

#10 Imaginary friend vibes

Source: henpeckedhal

#11 Lemme go take a quick nap so i can understand you

Source: WhiskeyMeAway

#12 Wholesome stupidity

Source: Horrors-Angel

#13 Words can't explain their stupidity

Source: kansa04

#14 Well, it's better than being asked "are we there yet?"

Source: bradley163

#15 Parenting

Source: om_eye_goodness

#16 They're pretty wholesome at the same time

Source: CursedKisses

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