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7 Favorite Celebrities And Their “Extra Organs” Added

The sick and diseased don’t care about your status in life. We are vulnerable to them, and they can feel us anytime. When it comes to pain, some people seem to take it worse than others. These seven celebrities have been through hell and back. Surgeries come to mind when individuals consider major health issues. There are “small surgery” and “big surgery.” An organ transplant is the gold standard of big operations. To require an organ transplant, a person must deal with a life-threatening condition.

A life-threatening sickness is frequently that anything significant. These seven famous people know firsthand what it’s like to undergo an organ transplant. Most of them required essential, life-saving surgeries. Not everyone on this list has received a transplanted organ, though.

7. Tracy Morgan

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Some people get angry when they realize someone’s bad behavior led to an organ donation. Many people feel they deserve more than celebrities who wreck their organs through terrible choices. Tracy Morgan has acted in and hosted various TV series. His humorous skills are why millions of people love him, but 2010 wasn’t funny. Morgan’s kidney failed. Diabetes and alcoholism, he says. Tracy overcame alcoholism. He had diabetes, which he ignored and made worse. When he needed a kidney transplant, he didn’t get any sympathy.

6. Natasha Richardson

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Natasha Richardson, an English theater and movie actress, had a long and successful career. Natasha is well known as Liam Neeson’s wife. Their 15-year marriage was strong. Her fatal accident changed everything. Her Canadian skiing accident killed her. No one could help her with her epidural hematoma and brain hemorrhage. Everyone was devastated when she was taken off life support. Her family must have found comfort in her organ donation. She reportedly saved three lives. Natasha volunteered for charities. Her organ donation was natural; she wanted to help others.

5. Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs founded Apple and many other businesses and ideas. His legacy lives on despite his passing. His pancreatic tumor was detected in 2003. He built his empire for eight years until his tumor-damaged lungs caused him to die. Jobs had significant health issues in his latter years. He developed liver difficulties in 2009 and needed a transplant. In 2009, he had surgery at Methodist Le Bonheur and UT Health Science Center. After a successful transplant, he may have left the hospital $40 million.

4. Selena Gomez

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Here’s the most famous organ transplant recipient. She’s a superstar in every manner, loved by the masses. It’s hard to believe she’s only 25, creating headlines and wowing listeners with her songs. She recently made headlines, but not for her music. Selena’s kidney was transplanted, then she disappeared for a few months and backed out of all her engagements, leaving people to wonder what had happened. She had surgery. After the operation, she uploaded a selfie on Instagram. Selena’s still recovering and resting.

3. George Lopez

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George Lopez’s sitcom made him famous. He’s popular among Latinos because he breaks down barriers and discusses Mexican-American issues. He’s one of the most famous Hispanics ever.

Behind every successful man is a woman. True of George Lopez. One woman stood by him as he climbed the ladder. She didn’t only offer assistance. His kidney was donated. George’s kidneys deteriorated from a genetic disease. The kidney transplant was successful, thanks to his wife. He talked about the illness in his sitcom to raise awareness. George and his wife separated, but Ann is still a part of him.

2. Lucy Davis

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Lucy Davis is a comedienne. She’s wowed British audiences for decades but got a role in Wonder Woman this year. Pride and Prejudice was another well-received role. It and the following jobs almost didn’t materialize. Lucy experienced renal failure during a regular test. Lucy successfully received a kidney from her mother. At the time, it was successful. You never know if the body will accept a fresh kidney. Lucy’s kidneys failed again ten years later. She recovered and didn’t need another transplant. Lucy acquired diabetes while recovering. She’s remained cheerful and continues to live fully.

1. Amy Purdy

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Amy Purdy doesn’t want pity, but she’s had it rough. Despite her ailments, she’s accomplished what most people never do. Actress, model, Paralympian, and pro snowboarder. She’s a motivational speaker, author, and fashionista. Her health issues started at 19. She got meningitis. Uncontrollable, it harmed her health. Bacteria infected her vascular system and organs. Amy had a 2% chance of survival. She persevered, though. Both legs, spleen, and kidneys were severed. Amy survived years of grueling therapy after her dad donated a kidney.