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  1. #1. Auntie Helen Uncle Roger Often Calls, Is A Real Person?
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Auntie Helen Uncle Roger, Who Are They?

Nigel Ng, better known as "Uncle Roger" on YouTube, is a sensational stand-up comedian. Auntie Helen Uncle Roger often calls his ex-wife. An Individual's Reputation on YouTube Uncle Roger's ex-wife, "Auntie Helen," is a frequent target of his teasing, but who is "Auntie Helen" in reality? Nigel Ng, a stand-up comedian, began posting videos to YouTube during the pandemic, and the attention he received catapulted his career forward.
Uncle Roger frequently makes Auntie Helen the punchline of his jokes, criticizing her in various ways, from calling her heart an "icebox" to praying that God "strike her down." Many fans have developed videos portraying "Auntie Helen," the fictional antagonist from "Uncle Roger," prompting Nigel to record a video responding to the fan-made videos.

#1. Auntie Helen Uncle Roger Often Calls, Is A Real Person?

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Auntie Helen is based on a real person, as unbelievable as it may sound. Uncle Roger, Nigel Ng's YouTube comedy channel, is distinctive in that, unlike Smosh and other popular channels, he rarely uses sketches to demonstrate his comedic skills. Instead, his most popular videos are reactions to food. Originally from England, this comedian first gained attention in 2020 with a clip named "Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video (BBC Food)." It has been seen over 28 million times and has received 967 thousand likes.
Most of the time, Uncle Roger just reviews cuisine and makes fun of how other people botch his culture. Ex-wife Helen, played by Nina the Pooh and Rachel Hopes, among others, is a recurring character in his videos. Take a look at this to learn more about the actual Auntie Helen. Auntie Helen, Uncle Roger's fictional ex-wife, is based on Evelyn Mok, his actual ex-wife. The inmate YouTube comedian portrays Mok as an abusive spouse, and he makes crude jokes about her and the divorce.
Despite the appearance of their relationship in this photo, Mok and Ng are very close friends. Fans of Uncle Roger who only see him occasionally may be shocked to learn that Auntie Helen frequently appears on his podcast, "HAIYAA with Nigel Ng." They have their podcast, "Rice to Meet You," which they present together. Their friendship appears to be strong, as seen by their videos posted on Nigel's channel on YouTube. Evelyn and Nigel like teasing each other, and their interactions are always full of laughter and good nature.

#2. What Does She Do?

auntie helen uncle rogerUnlike Aunty Donna, Evelyn Mok's Auntie Helen doesn't rely on YouTube sketches to keep audiences laughing. Evelyn, born in Sweden to Chinese immigrants, performed stand-up comedy there before traveling to England to attend the University of Roehampton. Her comedy industry fame began after she had a nomination for a Chortle Award in 2013. Don't hesitate to give these best comedy films a shot to have more sense of humor in your lives.
In addition, you may recognize Evelyn from her cameos in films like Spider-Man: Far From Home, I Hate Suzie and The Reluctant Landlord. The podcast "Rice to Meet You" by Uncle Roger and Auntie Helen has been put on hold. But they still want to be friends, though.
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