Teenager Slammed By Stepmother For Not Giving Room For Stepsister, But Reddit Cheers Her On

There are many entitled people in this world, and you all want to avoid them as much as possible. Though you will likely encounter them, dealing with an annoying person on the street or in a shop is not a big deal. Either you comply with their unreasonable demand or stand your ground and roast their behavior, the consequences don’t last long. However, having entitled ones moving into your house and becoming a part of your family is a far cry from a trivial problem.


A recent post shared by a 16-year-old girl on the AITA subreddit made the internet wonder how people could be extremely entitled as her stepmother and stepsister. The story has gained over 13,500 upvotes and 1,500 comments, and Reddit flooded the poster with support in the comment.
The teen lived with her dad after her parents broke up. Lately, her dad married Kelly, who had a 13-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son. Kelly and her children just moved into the poster's house. The teenager explained that the house had four bedrooms, two of which included a bathroom, while the others had walk-in closets. Except for the master room and the Redditor’s, which had a bathroom inside, the other rooms only had beds and dressers without personal decoration. Therefore, they are supposed to belong to the stepmother’s children.

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Surprisingly, on the day Kelly and her kids arrived at the house, the 13-year-old girl rushed to the user’s room and started to arrange her stuff there. The teenager stopped her and told her to move into one of the rooms without decorations. Out of the blue, the little sister threw a tantrum and accused the Redditor of bullying her.

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The poster explained the situation when the adults came into the room after hearing the cries. On the other hand, Kelly’s daughter insisted that she must have that room because it was painted her favorite color and included a bathroom. The father tried to persuade her that she could adorn the other room as she wished, but no dice.

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The entitled girl turned out to resemble her entitled mother. Kelly sided with her child and argued that the poster should act her age and be generous to her little sister since she was older. When the teenager refused to give in, her stepmother yelled at her for her ill manner.

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Luckily, the father didn’t support his irrational wife. He told the Reddit user to do what she wanted since she was mature enough to make decisions on her own.

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In response to this thread, many were stunned by the self-absorbed stepmother and her daughter. They thought the girl acted as if she was 3 instead of 13, and she must be spoiled too much by her mother.

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Most commenters advised the poster to talk to her dad about how terrible she felt about the stepmother and stepsister’s first impression. They suggested she draw the line by locking her room and steer clear of the entitled people. Their awful attitudes didn’t bode well for the Redditor’s future, so they hoped she could be well-prepared for worse situations.

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Some also disagreed with the father’s response. They believed he wanted to avoid conflicts with his wife, so he didn’t protect his child from her stepmother and stepsister. What he had done only made his daughter suffer more when she had to manage the issue by herself.

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Eventually, the teenager’s father bought a doorknob for her. Kelly was furious at her husband's action and strived to convince him to let her children own two other bathrooms in the house. The man disapproved of that idea immediately, but his wife wanted her kids to have their own bathroom.

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It seemed that entitled people didn’t know when they were out of line, which drove those around them crazy. We were all happy that the teen had stood up for herself, and now we could only wish her luck with her new family.
What do you think about the poster’s stepsister and stepmother? Have you ever encountered a person like them? What would you do if you were the father in the thread? Please share your ideas with us in the comment below!
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