Senior Twitter Users Are Sharing The Exact Moment They Realized They Turned Aged

Boomers, Millenials, Gen Z, etc are the titles that netizens gave different generations of people. Even though these words are mainly used in jokes and sarcasm, they remind people of their age. And yes, aging is also a pressure on many men and ladies. We have heard about peer pressure, existential crisis, middle-aged crisis, and stuff, which have a deep connection with our getting aged.
In a blink of an eye, we are no longer spontaneous children or passionate young laid and lasses. While clinging to the golden days, we wonder how to turn the new page. However, if we see things through another looking glass, we realize it's a journey we won't have to go on alone. Every living being turns aged. It's the biggest proof that we love this life.
Henceforth, don't be afraid to think of how you will welcome your 30s, 40s, and more! Let's face it together, as we are glad to show you a short series of tweets from senior Twitter users sharing their waves of hello to agedness!

#1 Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

Source: @BriMalandro

#2 Why Would You?

Source: @The_BeatOven

#3 Sleep Is Key

Source: @LindsayRaeGun

#4 Big Grunt

Source: @TPThePerson012

#5 Pen And Paper

Source: @roywoodjr

#6 Old School

Source: @justlikehonei

#7 It's Not funny Anymore

Source: @haveyouheardofg

#8 Was That Necessary?

Source: @sbstnjck

#9 Old-Timey Christina Aguilera

Source: @bryanthemeerkat

#10 Sigh

Source: @MrGee54

#11 Thank You

Source: @CallHerMo_

#12 Test The Weather

Source: @MphoMoalamedi

#13 Don't Bounce Back Like We Used To

Source: @laetitia_k96

#14 Long Way Down

Source: @castrowas95

#15 Savor It

Source: @IamFrederickjr

#16 Vintage

Source: @queenveej

#17 How Did I Get Here?

Source: @prntgdcolonized

#18 This Is Your Burden Now

Source: @DenisGitau

#19 Dragged By WebMD

Source: @EladNehorai

#20 Not Understanding Video Games

Source: @Ceesa_Nyathi

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