10+ Celebrities Along With Their "Pets" Versions

It has been hypothesized that each of us possesses a doppelganger somewhere in the world, and the Germans have even coined a term to express this phenomenon: doppelganger. It may have initially meant something a little different, but these days people generally understand it to mean that someone with your exact looks is merely walking about in some other region of the world.
When you stop to think about it, it gives you the creeps. It would appear that some of us also have animal counterparts to our personalities. These are pics of 12 celebrities with "pet" versions.

1. John Travolta

"pet" versions, John TravoltaSource: Sad and Useless

Seriously, look at those eyes. Your jaw. That constant, welcoming grin. In addition to their names, this oddly familiar-faced shelter dog and the Pulp Fiction actor share several remarkable physical features.

2. Adam Driver

"pet" versions, Adam DriverSource: Sad and Useless

Cat-like vision or eagle-like perception? Marci Robin, an editor at Time Inc., saw a strong likeness between this SPCA cat from Monmouth County and Adam Driver, the actor who plays Kylo Ren in the Star Wars films and in the HBO series Girls. Many people agreed with you on the internet, and soon "Adam Driver Cat" was adopted after becoming a viral sensation.

3. Samuel L. Jackson

"pet" versions, Samuel L. JacksonSource: Sad and Useless

In contrast to John Travolta's canine commentary on Parisian burgers ("They call it a royale with cheese"), Samuel L. Dogson is more likely to spout off a stream of righteous, expletive-laced Biblical phrases ("There's a chapter I got memorized. Read Ezekiel 25:17...). Putting aside all Pulp Fiction allusions, in 2013 the Reddit community uncovered this magnificent dog mug, and since since then the Internet has been going absolutely nuts about it.

4. Justin Timberlake

"pet" versions, Justin TimberlakeSource: Sad and Useless

Look at their hair.

5. Snoop Dogg

"pet" versions, Snoop DoggSource: Sad and Useless

6. Chris Pratt

"pet" versions, Chris PrattSource: Sad and Useless

Like dog, like owner.

7. Jack Black

"pet" versions, Jack BlackSource: Sad and Useless

They look the same slyness.

8. Ice Cube - They're kinda crumpy all day

"pet" versions, Ice CubeSource: Sad and Useless

9. Nicolas Cage

"pet" versions, Nicolas CageSource: Sad and Useless

10. Miley Cyrus - C'on their horns

"pet" versions, Miley CyrusSource: Sad and Useless

11. Adrien Brody - Look suspicious hah

"pet" versions, Adrien BrodySource: Sad and Useless

12. Steve Buscemi

"pet" versions, Steve BuscemiSource: Sad and Useless

Actually, Ari isn't the only cat who resembles Steve Buscemi, though she is the most well-known one. The photo of this mutt's face went viral, and now we're delighted to say that the once-homeless dog has found not only fame, but a permanent family.
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