10 Celebrities Who Got Kicked Out Of School

Everybody gets troubled sometimes, and so do celebrities. The thing is what kind of troubles we face. But celebrities.seem to solve problems much easier than ordinary people because of their wealth and fame. Indeed, when many people say money solves everything, it must be correct sometimes.
Still, before those celebrities became famous, they definitely were in some typical trouble at school, like the rest of us. They might have some first shocks in life when moving into a new school as kids, struggling with math or other tough subjects. And some even were kicked out of school for multiple reasons. It was such a terrible experience that an ordinary person can’t understand.
So, we have compiled a list of 10 celebrities who were expelled from school and the reasons will certainly blow your mind. Keep it in mind that we’ve excluded people in which it can’t be 100% confirmed were expelled, or where there’s still much argument surrounding the case, like Albert Einstein. Now, scroll down and get ready for surprises!

#1 Robert Pattinson

Source: @robertpattinsonofficial

The Twilight star came from the Barnes area of London, where he attended various independent schools as a child, including Tower House School and The Harrodian School. Still, he was kicked out of school for stealing porn magazines from a nearby store and selling them at school at exorbitant prices. He later admitted the scheme to Howard Stern ling after it went down, and confessed that his cockiness led to him stealing racks of porn at a time until he was finally caught by the store proprietor, squealed on by a fellow student, and expelled from the school.

#2 Eric Clapton

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In terms of a bad student, Eric Clapton had everything, from forgetting schoolwork to getting drunk at school. Clapton found his interest in instruments when he was 15, and he devoted much of his time to pubs and guitar playing than noticed his slumping grades. As a result, he got the boot from the Kingston College of Art for lack of progress.

#3 Lily Allen

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Allen was expelled from her school when she was 13 due to her rebellious attitude, including smoking and drinking. She also revealed during an interview with Rolling Stone that she was immediately expelled from one of these schools after being caught giving a blowjob to another student. 

#4 Charlie Sheen

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At the age of 9, Charlie Sheen made his debut in a movie named “The Execution of Private Slovik,” while attending Santa Monica High School. Later, he was expelled because of his lack of attendance and low grades.

#5 Keanu Reeves

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It’s no doubt that Keanu Reeves is one of the coolest guys on Earth. We don’t often hear a bad thing about him, Reeve always seems so polite and caring. The actor was known for growing up in Toronto and attended 4 schools during the time he lived there. When it comes to his public art-academic high school named Etobicoke School of the Arts, he was soon kicked out of that school for his “rambunctious” personality. As Reeves said, he couldn’t stand authority figures and he “shot [his] mouth off once too often.” 

#6 Marlon Brando

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Like Courtney Love, Marlon Brando had also a rough childhood. His mother was known as an alcoholic who would favor booze over her own children. And his father would often berate Brando and tell him that he was a loser. That was terrible! This caused a rather rebellious attitude, which eventually made him kicked out of  Libertyville high school for riding his motorcycle through the hallways. 

#7 Elizabeth Hurley

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When Elizabeth was a teenager, she entranced Harriet Costello School in Basingstoke, Hampshire, where she fell in love with punk fashion. Still, Hurley studied theater and dance at the London Studio Centre. Three years later she was kicked out for poor grades in 1986. This resulted in Hurley ditching punk for the '80s take on hippiness, groovin', and keeping it real, until 1995, when she was presented as the spokesmodel for Estée Lauder.

#8 Courtney Love

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Courtney Love had a very tough time when she was young. Her parent got divorced when she was 5, and her mother declared that her father fed her LSD (her father denied this). More sadly, her brother died in infancy when she was 10. As a result, she scared her fellow students and had trouble making friends. Then, her family eventually moved from Oregon to New Zealand, where she was kicked out of Nelson College for Girls apparently “for weirdness”  (her words, not ours).

#9 Willem Dafoe

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Willem Dafoe was raised mainly by his sisters when he was a kid, as his parents – a surgeon and a nurse – worked long and odd hours. This environment resulted in Dafoe having an advanced sexual education because of his maturing sisters brought the six-year-old up to speed on the latest insights on both kinds of oral sex. Still, Willem bloomed late and didn't find an interest in girls until he was 14. But things went too far as he become that he wound up expelled from high school for producing a porno. Later, he dropped out of drama studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and move to NYC.

#10 Owen Wilson

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When Owen Wilson attended St. Mark’s prep school, he showed an interest in writing at school. But it’s not for the case of geometry, where he attempted to cheat on a geometry test, resulting in his expulsion later.
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