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  1. #1. The 5 Facts About Atom Eve In Comics
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5 Fascinating Things About Atom Eve Only Comics Fans Know

Mark Grayson, a teenager who gains superpowers like his famed but villainous father, Omni-Man, is the protagonist of the TV series Invincible. However, the story is not just about Mark and his dad; it's also about Mark and Atom Eve. Comic book readers will recognize this as a pivotal moment.
The growing romance between Mark and Samantha Eve Wilkins may be explored further in future seasons of the popular show. Like Mark, Samantha has a rich and layered backstory in the comics that is bound to play a role in the future of the animated series.

#1. The 5 Facts About Atom Eve In Comics

1. Anger & Sadness

Source: Invincible
In the comics, Mark and Samantha initially had a platonic relationship, despite their instant chemistry. Mark's affections for her and her romance with another member of the Teen Team, Rex-Splode, strain their already tense connection. Atom Eve finds out that Rex-Splode is having an affair with her teammate Dupli-Kate not long after Mark has joined the squad. She seeks comfort from Mark, but they aren't quite ready to take their relationship to the next level just yet.

2. Independence

atom eveAtom After Rex-shocking Splode's painful actions, Eve decides to quit the Teen Team. She takes on supervillains solo and with Invincible's help on occasion. Mark develops feelings for another student at his school, complicating matters as the two become closer. When Eve realizes she isn't living up to her expectations, she starts to feel the same about superheroes. She realizes she has more potential than just a crime fighter and decides to utilize her abilities to fight hunger and poverty instead. You may also wanna catch up with the updated release date of Invincible 2.

3. A Tragic Beginning

atom eveDespite her extraordinary abilities, Atom Eve seems like any other teenage girl. One day, her tragic past will be exposed. Even before Samantha was born, her mother's powers were at work, and she lost her life while giving birth to her daughter. Samantha's father staged her death so she wouldn't be seized and trained to be a superweapon for the government. As Samantha confronts her first supervillain using her newfound abilities, the government begins to close in.

4. The Invasion of The Flaxans

atom eve
The Teen Team's first encounter with Invincible occurs during the Flaxan Invasion. This event occurs rather later in the comics, but it plays a pivotal role in Atom Eve's narrative nonetheless. She leaves the Teen Team but returns for a little while to assist fight against the interdimensional Flaxans. With Eve's assistance, Invincible and the other heroes can combat the Flaxans. The latter is defeated after suffering the consequences of not realizing that time passes differently on Earth than in their dimension. She then goes on a double date with Mark and his girlfriend, which mainly ends in her dissatisfaction.

5. Relationship Between Atom Eve & Invincible

atom eveIn the Invincible comic books, Invincible and Atom Eve travel the globe. In the comics, the romance between Invincible and Atom Eve takes a long time to bloom. Until issue #50, the couple doesn't even kiss. The show's pace differs significantly from that of the comics. In the comics, their romance moves quickly after they finally meet. The couple goes on dates to exotic locations such as Paris, Cairo, and even space. As their relationship deepens, they can better collaborate on professional endeavors. To aid those in need, Samantha founds Invincible Inc.
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