5 Fascinating Facts About Aizawa In My Hero Academia

One of the most well-known heroes and instructors in the My Hero Academia franchise is Shota Aizawa, alias Eraser Head. However, despite (or perhaps because of) the character's popularity, there is still a wealth of information to be uncovered. There's more to him than meets the eye; he has a troubled past and valid reasons for his behavior. Here are five lesser-known tidbits about Aizawa that any true fan should know.

#1. Top 5 Fascinating Facts About Aizawa

1. His Indifference

aizawa Source: My Hero Academia
A staggering amount of tragedy has occurred to Shota Aizawa in his brief life. Everything comes together to make him more numb than usual (though, to be clear: Aizawa has always been a character with a blander personality). He lost a close friend while still in school. This is the Oboro Shirakumo. They had formed a partnership with Present Mic and had big ambitions for their future together. Aizawa has never quite gotten over her dreams being cut short.

2. Supporting an Alternative Hero

nullAizawa is undoubtedly a character that can recognize the worth in others, even when they can't see it in themselves. He decided to back an underappreciated hero in the making: Shinso. Aizawa sensed potential in Shinso, a hero who had been disregarded because of the darker side of his quirk. The role of Shinso's mentor is one he has taken upon himself. The sheer number of people Shinso is aiding is mind-boggling. You may wanna see where Aizawa is in the list of the Strongest Characters On My Hero Academia.

3. The Peculiarity Of Aizawa

aizawaHe has often demonstrated that his ability to erase is one of his most important quirks. However, there are unquestionably negatives and dangers connected to the peculiarity. The most noticeable symptom is likely to be dry, irritated eyes. After sustaining life-threatening injuries defending his students, that situation deteriorated further. As an added downside, his peculiarity is quite contained. It can be challenging for him to maintain a block because he can't blink or lose his line of sight. His floating body gives away the fact that he is using his quirk, making him an easy target.

4. Brand New Guardians

aizawaAs was previously said, Aizawa has consistently gone the extra mile for his students and anyone else he saw as having promise. Even though he had few other options, he recently decided to become a guardian. Thanks to his quirk, it has been considered that He is the finest person to take leadership of Eri. No less until she figures out how to manage her oddity independently. He has shown that he can be concerned for her beyond her peculiarity and appears to genuinely worry about her psychological health.

5. Smiles From Aizawa

aizawaThe fact that Aizawa smiles occasionally is probably the most unbelievable. To be honest, he is capable of a genuine grin when he lets go. Usually, it's because one of his students has surpassed his expectations or shocked him. Here's more evidence that he does care about them.
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