9 Most Questionable Phobias Of Favorite Celebrities, But Some, You May Have!

It’s possible that actors and singers in Hollywood aren’t terrified of heights, but that doesn’t stop them from taking risks in their work, whether it’s on film or on stage. Both Kristen Bell and Matt Damon, in addition to a large number of other people working in the entertainment sector, have discussed their own personal experiences with phobias in public settings. Their irrational fears span from the commonplace (spoons, of all things!) to the specific.

You are going to be taken aback by some of these uncommon and sometimes downright weird phobias that renowned individuals have admitted to having.

1. Tyra Banks

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Model Tyra Banks has spoken openly about her lifelong phobia of dolphins. She mentioned it on her canceled talk show and then revealed to Howard Stern that she had feared the animals in her dreams. I have a serious phobia of dolphins. Once upon a time, I would dream that dolphins kept brushing into my legs while I swam in a pool.

2. Khloe Kardashian

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The reality star made the surprising confession on her website and app in 2016. Her fear of having her belly button pierced. She once stated her distaste for belly buttons on the app. You’re not allowed to touch mine, and I have no intention of touching yours. I wear gloves in the shower and yell every time I scrub my belly button.

3. Liam Payne

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The ex-One Direction singer has spoken openly about his fear of spoons, revealing that he is particularly averse to using the silverware of others. I’m not afraid of spoons as much as I thought I was, he told Capital Radio. Yet, “I don’t enjoy eating with them, if they’re not my spoons, if that makes any kind of sense.” He attributes his present-day anxiety to a childhood fear.

4. Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner admitted in 2016 that she suffers from trypophobia, or a fear of clusters of tiny holes or bumps. Jenner said on her app that trypophobes are terrified of small holes arranged in unusual ways. Pancakes, honeycomb, or (worst of all) lotus heads may potentially set me off.

5. Scarlett Johansson

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During promotion for her film “We Bought a Zoo,” the actress admitted that birds are her worst phobia. She told New York Magazine in 2011 that she was solely afraid of birds. “That has to do with feathers and beaks and flapping. They fill me with dread. You can’t ignore that fact that it persists. My uncle shares my irrational fear of flying birds.

6. Nicole Kidman

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The Academy Award-winning actress has been frightened of butterflies ever since she was a little girl. Kidman discussed her struggles with anxiety as a child growing up in Australia in an interview with Contact Music. “When I would go home from school, I would see the largest butterfly or moth you’d ever see simply resting on our front gate,” she recalled. To avoid going through the front gate, “I would climb over the fence, slither around to the side of the house.”

7. Christina Ricci

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An indoor plant’s “dirty” soil repulses Christina Ricci so much that she won’t even touch it. The implication is clear: “They stink!” If I have to handle one, I become a little scared. ‘I can’t go near them,’ she told Contact Music frankly.

8. Kristen Stewart

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Fear of horses has plagued Kristen Stewart since she was a little girl. As reported by People, the actress declared at WonderCon, “I loathe ’em,” about horses, because she was injured while riding one as a youngster. I was seriously injured when I fell off a horse once. I dislocated and shattered my elbow when I was young, maybe 9 or 10.

9. Jennifer Aniston

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The actress claims she is terrified of the ocean because of a tragic encounter she had as a kid. “I was a kid and I was riding this tricycle around a swimming pool, and I drove my tricycle into the swimming pool and I didn’t let go and my brother attempted to [assist] me,” Aniston reportedly stated during a screening, as reported by E! News. This means I cannot swim underwater, and no one will believe me if I try to explain why. Sorry, but I just can’t.