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  1. Why he only wore one glove
  2. How his lean shoes worked
  3. Why he wore silk
  4. Why there are 3 № 7s sewn onto his jackets
  5. Why he wore smaller costumes at the end of his shows
  6. Why he taped his fingers
  7. Why he loved rhinestones
  8. Why he wore white socks
  9. Why almost every jacket had an armband on the right sleeve

9 Michael Jackson Wardrobe Secrets You'll Be Surprised to Know

When we step into the mesmerizing world of the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson, we may be dazzled by more than just his extraordinary music and electrifying dance moves. While Michael's unparalleled talent continues to captivate millions, there's a hidden dimension to his iconic persona that remains shrouded in sartorial mystery. That's why we delve deep into the enigmatic realm of Michael Jackson's wardrobe, unearthing nine secrets that will leave you utterly astonished.

From meticulously crafted stage costumes that defied gravity to ingenious fashion choices that sent shockwaves through the industry, each outfit in Michael's repertoire was a testament to his unparalleled creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Unraveling the secrets behind his signature fedora hats, military-inspired jackets, and sparkling gloves reveals a man with an insatiable thirst for individuality and showmanship. So, get ready to have your perception of Michael Jackson's style revolutionized as we peel back the layers of his wardrobe, exposing the surprising inspirations, hidden messages, and sheer audacity that made him an indelible fashion icon. And keep scrolling down to embark on a thrilling journey through the fashion legacy of one of the greatest entertainers of all time—Michael Jackson.


#1. Why he only wore one glove

The designer who created Michael Jackson's costumes for many years stated that Michael suffered from vitiligo, a skin disorder in which patches of skin lose pigment. It began on his hand, and he wanted to conceal it. And he decided that wearing two gloves would be too normal, so he only wore one.


#2. How his lean shoes worked

Michael Jackson's shoes, which allowed him to defy gravity, included a V-shaped clasp at the bottom of the heels. He could hook into a nail attached to the floor and accomplish his famed 45-degree forward tilt with its assistance. However, in order to do so while keeping his entire body upright, he needed a tremendous amount of core and leg strength.


#3. Why he wore silk

Source: flickr

The King of Pop loved China silk, silk charmeuse, and elastic textiles. Not only that but wearing spandex on stage made him feel comfortable and stylish.


#4. Why there are 3 № 7s sewn onto his jackets

The seventh kid in his family was Michael. Additionally, he was born in 1958, and the sum of 19 and 58 is 77.


#5. Why he wore smaller costumes at the end of his shows

Michael Jackson`s dance routines were very physically strenuous, and he gave his all during his performances. He would frequently lose up to 5 pounds by the conclusion of the performance, and his waist would shrink by an inch. Additionally, each subsequent outfit was a little bit smaller than the one before it since it was crucial that his clothes fit exactly so he could demonstrate his dance movements.


#6. Why he taped his fingers


Michael Jackson's dance moves frequently included hand motions. He and his costume designers, therefore, opted to add white tape to his fingertips to reflect more light. Michael additionally determined that taping just his index, ring, and pinkie fingers would be more uncommon.

Fans would enquire as to why he had tape on just three of his fingers, which was amusing for him. When Michael danced, he would unintentionally join his two untapped fingers. The spectators would assume that this sign had a hidden meaning, which would further heighten the mystique of his performances.


#7. Why he loved rhinestones

Source: pinterest

Jackson's love of rhinestones was another fact disclosed by his designer. He would invite his designer to visit the factory and collect the stones in their unprocessed state. He would gasp each time I opened the white felt swatch that covered the rhinestones.

Can you imagine being a pirate and opening a treasure chest? He would take them from me and slide them about softly with his fingertips. as well as observe the sparkle inside. To lead such a life as a pirate must be exciting.


#8. Why he wore white socks

Source: flickr

White socks were a favorite of Michael's for various reasons. Nobody else wore black shoes with white stockings. In addition, when he danced, they would reflect the light and draw attention to his foot motions.


#9. Why almost every jacket had an armband on the right sleeve

All Michel Jackson wanted was for his clothing to stand out from the others. Additionally, wearing an armband on a sleeve distinguishes your appearance. Michael also enjoyed making his supporters ponder the purpose of the armband.

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