9 Interesting Facts About Iconic Movies You Never Knew Existed

Movies have the magical ability to make us forget about our everyday issues. In addition, movies may transport us to fantastical worlds with fantastical people and settings. So much so that you could occasionally forget that those folks are simply real people and the faraway planet is a backdrop for a movie. For the actors and crew, making movies is a legitimate, full-time profession, and just as in real life and the workplace, both commonplace and strange things do occur.
It seems like the actors and the crew have accumulated quite a lot of interesting facts and heartbreaking stories over the years, and it's nice to see some manage to have fun with it. Because of that, we've compiled a list of interesting facts about everyone's favorite Hollywood films.
These stories range from forgetting you are wearing robotic makeup and going out for lunch to catching nasty infections. The best thing is that this list may even have some movie knowledge about your favorite film.

#1 Leonardo DiCaprio called his role in The Revenant the hardest performance of his career.

Interesting FactsSource: © The Revenant / New Regency Productions and co-producers

As the cameras were continuously moving, every performer in the film needed to have flawless timing. The weather was also a challenge because it was a snow movie and they had 7 feet of snow melt in a day. As a result, the output occasionally stopped.
A shark nearly bit DiCaprio as he was scuba diving in South Africa. "I was scuba diving in South Africa when a great white leaped into my cage. It was snapping at me while half of its body was in the cage.

#2 Some of the dinosaur noises in Jurassic Park are the sounds of tortoises mating.

Interesting FactsSource: © Jurassic Park / Universal Pictures and co-producer

The many noises that the dinosaurs create required a lot of work on the part of the Jurassic Park sound designer. The sounds of the velociraptors were really made by tortoises mating, not by agitated creatures.
“It’s somewhat embarrassing, but when the raptors bark at each other to communicate, it’s actually a tortoise mating sound. I recorded that at Marine World...the people there said, ’Would you like to record these 2 tortoises that are mating?’ It sounded like a joke because tortoises mating can take a long time. You’ve got to have plenty of time to sit around and watch and record them.”

#3 Alden Ehrenreich could’ve played Dan in Gossip Girl

Interesting FactsSource: Invision/Invision/East News, © Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Alden Ehrenreich even read for the role initially when David Rapaport, the Gossip Girl casting director, wanted him to portray Dan Humphrey. "I desperately wanted Alden Ehrenreich to play Dan before Penn Badgley got involved." Penn Badgley would be the ideal choice, nevertheless, the casting committee thought, due to his lower stature than Blake Lively's.

#4 The voice of the little girl, Boo, in Monsters, Inc. was actually a little girl.

Interesting FactsSource: © Monsters, Inc. / Pixar Animation Studios and co-producers

Mary Gibbs, a voice actor who is today 26 years old, was just 5 years old when this film was released. She would run about the office and play, making it difficult for the audio team to record her portion. They would follow me around the recording studio, talk to me through puppets, tease me, or deprive me of money or candy to get me to laugh and cry—all with real emotions.

#5 James Corden could’ve played Charlie in The Whale

Interesting FactsSource: Invision/Invision/East News, Album Online/East News

Tom Ford was going to direct, and I was supposed to play that role. James admitted that he was on the edge of landing the role but was also concerned that, in comparison to Brendan Fraser, he could be too young (44 years old) to play this character (54).
Also, while Corden was in his 20s, he also tried out for the role of Samwise from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. "For The Lord of the Rings, every single individual in London attended an audition. Everybody. I also went to the Samwise audition. Mr. Frodo! I was acting the part and all.

#6 Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway both cried while losing weight for The Devil Wears Prada.

Interesting FactsSource: © The Devil Wears Prada / Fox 2000 Pictures and co-producers

First, Anne had to put on weight, so she indulged in junk food while dieting, but she was then instructed to shed 10 pounds. This won't work, according to her costume designer. You must be able to wear couture. To which Hathaway replied, "That was a nightmare. Lose 10 pounds. I gained it in about a month and lost it in about two months."
When Emily was told she needed to lose weight, she started crying. For my height, I was skinny. Basically, I was limited to eating fruit, vegetables, and fish. I wouldn't advise doing it. We would cry and grip around Emily Blunt because we were so hungry.

#7 The drowning scene in Kingsman wasn’t an act.

Source: © Kingsman: The Secret Service / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

It all went wrong in the movie when the new Kingsman recruits' first night of sleep was interrupted by a splash of water entering their room. The producer said that when he screamed "action!" during the sequence, the computer misheard him and suddenly everyone was 20 feet beneath the sea. sound and camera crews. In a frenzy, everyone dove in and pulled individuals out of waders full of water.
He said that “those actors weren’t acting. They were absolutely terrified. It was awful for the first day of filming.”

#8 Jennifer Lawrence dislocated a rib because she was hyperventilating on the set of Mother!

Interesting FactsSource: © Mother! / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

At one moment, Jennifer over-exhaled and left the stage with a displaced rib; as a result, the production had to stop for a bit, and Jennifer was given oxygen. I'm breathing through oxygen tubes, and Darren says, "It was out of focus; we've got to do it again."
To help Jennifer handle the intense material, the staff set up a "happy place" with gumballs and a TV showing the Kardashians. This was strange, but it helped her concentrate until the next take.

#9 Matthew McConaughey could’ve played Jack in Titanic.

Source: AF Archive/Graham Whitby Boot/Mary Evans Picture Library/East News, Image supplied by Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS

To assess how they would seem together on camera, Matthew and Kate Winslet first had their interaction captured on camera. He felt he had pleased them when he received a hug from a crew member after that. "I genuinely believed I was cast,"
He was never chosen to perform this part, though. Leonardo DiCaprio received it in its place. Leo had a more alluring, charming, and charismatic appearance than Jack Dawson, which is why people preferred him.
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