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9 Celebrity Facts That Could Blow Your Minds

Most famous people have a wide range of interests and backgrounds. Many great people owe much of their fame to the eccentricities that made them famous in the first place. You wouldn’t believe some of the strange habits of famous people. Some of the most strange facts about famous people are included on this list. Some of these unbelievable but real tidbits about famous people date back to before they were famous, while others are examples of the extraordinary skills they possess.

You won’t believe which famous person is a former pimp or sniper sharpshooter on this list! You will be astounded by these previously unknown facts about famous people. Still, perhaps your newfound knowledge will earn you a spot on Jeopardy! or at the very least, victory at your local pub trivia night.

1. Dr. Ruth

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Before Simon Cowell was up on his high horse judging others’ talent, he was at the bottom of the entertainment totem pole, polishing set props. He got a job as a runner on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining at Elstree Studios in London.


2. Simon Cowell

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Simon Cowell started his career in the entertainment industry at the very bottom, polishing set props before rising to the position of judge. After moving to London, he found work as a runner on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining at Elstree Studios.

3. James Lipton

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Despite his current status as presenter of Inside the Actor’s Studio, James Lipton wasn’t always considered one of Hollywood’s most cultured gentlemen. In the early 1950s, he oversaw a staff of Parisian sex prostitutes. James Lipton did work in the prostitution industry. Furthermore, he was able to earn a respectable livelihood from it.

4. Nolan Gould

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Did you know that Nolan Gould, who plays the most inept Dunphy brother on Modern Family, is, in fact, a genius in real life? He completed high school at 13 and is a member of Mensa with an IQ of 150.

5. Harrison Ford

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Elvis Presley is known for many things: his dulcet voice; his sinful, gyrating pelvis; and his jet-black coiffed hair. One of those things on the list is totally fake, though — and it’s not his pelvis. No, Elvis was a natural blond. Earlier, he even admitted to coloring his hair with black shoe polish to achieve his signature look.

6. Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley was famous for many things, including his sweet singing voice, sinfully jiggling pelvis, and perfectly coiffed jet-black hair. However, one of the items on the list is entirely fictitious, and it isn’t his pelvis. The King wasn’t dyed blonde; he was born that way. He even stated that in his younger years, he used black shoe polish to acquire his now-iconic hair color.

7. Ke$ha

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Ke$ha, a famous pop singer, has never been one to follow the rules. On the other hand, when she returned from rehab in 2014 and thanked her supporters, she triggered even more unusual behavior flags. She had a pearly white craft project in the works at treatment and thanked them for their generosity by requesting them to give her samples of their undesirable teeth.

8. Katy Perry

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It’s no secret that Katy Perry is notorious for pushing the envelope whenever possible; this is the latest example. Reportedly, the singer has a collection of celebrity hair. Then she gives them bows and stores them in her pocket like voodoo charms or tokens of friendship.

9. Angelina Jolie

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Even though Angelina Jolie presents a far different character now than she did in her earlier, darker years, seeing her as a funeral home director is a bit of a stretch.