9 A-list Actors Who Can't Find Work In Hollywood

In Hollywood, the rise to fame can be a quick journey, but the fall can come easily that no one could expect. Some A-list actors rose to their stardom thanks to prominent roles, some others even appeared in icon Movies that we, the audiences, never forget. We admire their gorgeous look and brilliant acting skill on-screen. We all believe that their career in one of the most competitive industries would undoubtedly fly high and reach their peak.
Indeed, some famous actors truly experienced the top of the cinema world. Unfortunately, these actors once used to rule the movie and TV screens but now can't get hired. It's true! Whatever the reason for their failures, we might agree that they are all talented actors who deserve a better place in Hollywood now.
Today, we've compiled a list of 9 famous actors who can no longer find work in Hollywood anymore. Let's scroll down and check them out!

#1 Hillary Swank

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In the list of celebrities that used to rule the movie screens and suddenly disappeared, there is no better example than the two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank. Yes, Swank won Oscars for best actress for her performances in Boys Don't Cry in 1990.
However, over the last 15 years, her films have failed to hit box office gold, especially after her Oscar bate movies like Black Dahlia, Amelia, and the Homesman received negative reviews and small box office returns. Since then, her projects have lacked visibility and as a result, she has mostly fallen out of the limelight. But let's be honest, she is a very talented actress. So let's hope we get to see her again on our movie screens.

#2 Meg Ryan

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At her peak, there wasn't any star bigger than Meg Ryan. In the 90s, she was referred to as America's sweetheart. With films like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, and City of Angels, she was the queen of romantic comedies.
But sadly enough, the fame didn't last long for Ryan. When she tried playing against type in films like The Cut and Against the Ropes in the mid-2000s, audiences and critics didn't respond well and combined this with her scandalous love affair with Russell Crowe. While filming Proof of Life, her sweetheart image seemed to be irreparably damaged, but she remains a great actress, so a comeback might be closer than we expect.

#3 Hayden Christensen

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Even after being a major star in the popular Star Wars prequels, Hayden Christensen still didn't get his fair share of the limelight. Of course, the films helped him gain a lot of international fame, but they also got him a whole lot of criticism.
Mr. Wong was one of the biggest weaknesses of the whole trilogy, especially considering his character, Anakin Skywalker, would eventually turn to the dark side and become the iconic Darth Vader. That's quite a lot of pressure, isn't it? Sure, he had some critical success in other films like Life as a House, Shattered Glass, and Jumper in the early 2000s, but soon fell out of the public eye.

#4 Brendan Fraser

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Back in the mid-1990s, Brendan Fraser was probably one of the most promising young leading men in all of Hollywood. With a breakout role in 1990 two's school ties alongside Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and in 1990 With Honors. Co-starring with Joe Pesche, he went on a successful box office run with films like comedy hit Encoman, the blockbuster Mummy franchise, and prestige films like Gods and Monsters, and The Quiet American. So everything seemed to be looking very bright for his career ahead.
But in Hollywood, one day you're on top, and the next year yesterday's news. Fraser didn't work much at all beyond 2003 and 2018. In a GQ article, Fraser says he was blacklisted in Hollywood following an alleged sexual assault from Philip Burke, former head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Burke denied the claims, but Fraser says this alleged encounter and his speaking out on it caused his once successful acting career to suddenly disappear. Fortunately, Fraser is getting a lot of Oscar buzz this year for his upcoming film The Whale. Seems he may be primed for a comeback.

#5 Julia Stiles

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When we talk about romantic comedies of the 90s, it's hard to match the wildly popular Ten Things I Hate About You, a box office hit starring Stiles alongside Heath Ledger. After that movie, Stiles went on to star in Save the Last Dance with Matt Damon. But her career quickly lost steam when she decided to take a break from acting to focus on her education. After enrolling at Columbia University in the early 2000s, she started falling off the radar for a lot of the top directors and producers in Hollywood.
While she has had some roles in TV series recently, like Dexter and the British series Riviera, she has failed to recapture the alist career she once had. 

#6 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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When we talk about actresses in the early 2000s, one of the first names that come to mind is Jennifer Love Hewitt, but we haven't heard much from her over the last decade or so. Hewitt spent some time on the A-list with a popular 90s TV series, Party of Five, which ran from 1994 to 2000.
And films like Heartbreakers can't be enough to come back to Hollywood. And I know what you did last summer in the early 2000s. But she wasn't able to find the right role to really send her film career to the next level. From 2005 to 2010, she started in a popular drama on CBS called the Ghost Whisperer, but since its cancellation, she's only been able to get small TV guest starring roles. She spends most of her time with her husband and three kids these days.

#7 Catherine Zeta-Jones

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It's quite a shock that a beautiful Oscar-winning actress and wife to one of Hollywood's most famous leading men, Michael Douglas, is nowhere to be seen on the big screen in major roles. Catherine Zeta-Jones became a superstar in the late 90s with films like Mask of Zoro and Entrapment. And in 2002, she won an Oscar for her supporting role in Chicago and was at the peak of her Hollywood powers. So what suddenly happened? Well, Zada Jones starred in Death Defying Axe in 2007 alongside Guy Pearce and in no Reservations with Aaron Eckhart.
But both films bombed at the box office after this. She was unfortunately diagnosed with bipolar disorder and decided to step away from the spotlight and focus more on herself and her family.But who knows? We could see Ms. Zeta Jones return to the big screen sometime soon. We certainly hope so.

#8 Taylor Lautner

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After the fame of Twilight, Taylor Lautner seemed to be made for big things, especially considering his appearance as Jacob Black got so much hype all around the world. In fact, he was even given a leading role in the film Abduction back in 2011. But unfortunately, audiences weren't as interested in him as a leading man. Beyond his Twilight movies, abduction turned out to be a flop for him. As many critics pointed out. His poor acting after that can only be seen in small cameos in Adam Sandler's comedies like Grown Ups.
Of course, Lautner is still young, so we might see some more of him in the future. But it's looking pretty dim for now.

#9 Vince Vaughn

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Once among the list of the funniest men in Hollywood, it's quite sad that Vince Vaughn is struggling to find good roles on the big screen now and is in a deep career rut. After his roles and hit films like Swingers Wedding, Crashers, and Dodgeball, Vaughn built quite a fan base for himself, but that wasn't enough to keep his career going.
In the last decade, Vaughn's career has started to sputter and things started to go off the rails in 2013 when he did an internship with Owen Wilson. This was supposed to be a bit of a callback to the magic that he and Wilson had with Wedding Crashers years before, but audiences were growing bored with his onscreen persona due to his limited acting range. Similar to Meg Ryan, Vaughn's tried playing against type with a role in season two of HBO's True Detective, but he appeared out of his depth on-screen, and critics and audiences took note.
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