People Share Moments When Their Family Members Get On Their Nerves

Some people say, "Family is my life." Family is everything to them. Personally, I would have to admit that concur with this idea. I wouldn't be where I am now without my family. No matter if they realize it or not, my family has shaped the way I live my life. I always remember the moments when I felt bad. Being embraced by my loved ones in their arms seemed to be the warmest thing I had ever experienced.
There is one thing that is very interesting about family. If you pay attention to your family members, they can do really weird things sometimes which can make you either laugh or cry. We have collected a few examples for you. These pictures captured the funniest moments when family members of these folks did odd stuff. And they couldn't help but share them with others. Scroll down to check them out. And you will die laughing when seeing them.

#1. Family portrait at Serenis in Punta Cana!

Source: kladskull666

#2. My brother bought his first house this year and won’t shut up about it. Got him this cake for his bday this year, since he won’t shut up about the house

Source: JSFord815

#3. My wife left the gloves to dry, I almost had a heart attack

Source: RoninGR

#4. My son was 6 when he was helping us move.. each year this memory pops up and it’s a family favorite

Source: pianoman1969

#5. My very normal brother and his normal outfit he wears all the time

Source: map9531

#6. Letter to management from my 6yr old son

Source: Ibejammin2

#7. Making tea for my wife and me in the dark. Grabbed two tea bag’s that I thought were the same. Not sure who got which tea. I will report which one of us pooped the bed and who slept through it

Source: DavidIWright

#8. How my husband wrote the date that he opened this orange juice

Source: Sleepless_in_MA

#9. My husband left this in the bathroom for me to find. It's the top of a tomato

Source: NarwhalsGalore

#10. My son bought 4 cereals, same brand, different sizes and he eats from all of them without finishing one first…

Source: Joobebe514

#11. My 3.5 yr old Nephew drew a picture of his family and well…

Source: No-Geologist-9840

#12. This is where my wife keeps her teeth things

Source: jeanheff

#13. Stepped out of the kitchen for a moment & my daughter tried to help season the potatoes

Source: aIextkd

#14. My 7 y.o. niece insisted on walking the family dog. This picture is the after effect

Source: y0family

#15. My 39-week pregnant wife went to the store to “get stuff for dinner”. This is what she came home with

Source: w3rewulf

#16. Family photos

Source: eldridgephotography

#17. I took a stupid photo, and it has become the default photo my family now sends each other instead of ‘ok’

Source: CapnFancyPants

#18. Offered my ice cream to my son and he gave me this back...he’s clearly not yet constrained by standard ice cream etiquette, but I’d honestly never even conceived of eating it that way

Source: mouse_in_a_maze

#19. No desire to celebrate Christmas with your family? There's an easy solution to that!

Source: kraven420

#20. My daughter said she was going to hang up her pajamas for pajama day at school. This is how she put the pants on the hanger

Source: enzo_baglioni

#21. My girlfriend’s 10-year-old sister’s backpack was so heavy. We open it to find it packed with what she called “beautiful cube rocks”, which she picked because they were so unique

Source: Soothingwinds

#22. My wife doesn't like the way I eat chips

Source: whatifiwas1332

#23. Two year old insisted that the puzzle is built like this ?

Source: Reddit__Dave

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