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  1. #1. How They Plan Ratcatcher 2 Death
  2. #2. A Great Cast: John Cena, Daniela Melchior, Margot Robbie

All About The Death Of Ratcatcher 2 In Suicide Squad

In this excerpt from James Gunn's book, The Death of Ratcatcher 2, the author describes a scenario removed from an earlier script draft for The Suicide Squad. After his success with the Guardians of the Galaxy films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gunn moved to the DC Extended Universe to create his version of the infamous band of Belle Reve criminals who undertake dangerous black ops missions in exchange for reduced jail terms.
Though the summer's The Suicide Squad bombed at the box office, it was a critical and commercial success on HBO Max and was hailed as a significant upgrade over its 2017 predecessor.

#1. How They Plan Ratcatcher 2 Death

ratcatcher 2 Source: Suicide Squad
James Gunn, the writer, and director of The Suicide Squad, recently discussed his plans for Ratcatcher 2's death in an interview with CinemaBlend. The following is his description of the horrific details he remembers from before he cut the sequence from the script before Warner Bros. saw it:
"The movie ends with Ratcatcher 2 having stolen [Project Starfish] secrets from Jotunheim. All of that knowledge about Jotunheim had been smuggled in by her, and she had gotten away with it, and nobody else in the group had any idea. Even after returning to the dungeon, (Amanda) Waller blew her brains out! At which time, Harley tries to talk to Bloodsport — Bloodsport’s freaking out because he's attached to this person, like a daughter.
And he's freaking out, but Harley's being oddly helpful by trying to convince Bloodsport to chill out. Bloodsport shoots Waller in the chest with an explosive bullet and threatens to detonate her. Complex, but roughly that. She wasn't shot in the chest; he missed. Using one of Peacemaker's explosive rounds, he shot her in the chest, just below the heart. And so now she has to do what he says." Additionally, you may find these best Suicide Squad 2 characters interesting!

Bloodsport And Ratcatcher 2

ratcatcher 2Gunn continued by noting that "it was just too grim, even for him," which is why he opted to rewrite the ending: It was too dim for me to see anything. The room was just too dim for comfort. My experience with it was not positive. Not enough emphasis was placed on the characters' emotional development, which is crucial to my plot. Plus, I loved how it ended with Bloodsport petting the rat. I thought that was an excellent conclusion to the film.
James Gunn has already said that the last part of The Suicide Squad was a lot darker than it was. He didn't say it outright, but I think he meant this. Gunn's Suicide Squad ends with a lot of the team's members dying on the beaches of Corto Maltese, which makes sense since the team's name is "Suicide Squad." Still, his first ending idea might have been too much.
Given the film's focus on the father-daughter relationship between Bloodsport and Ratcatcher 2, this response to his death is understandable. An over-the-top carnage of this proportions might not have been a proper finale, even for The Suicide Squad, but it would have been interesting to see actors like Elba, Melchior, Robbie, and Davis pull it off. For the best, Gunn chose a quieter, more sentimental ending for his first DC film.

#2. A Great Cast: John Cena, Daniela Melchior, Margot Robbie

ratcatcher 2Gunn's version brings back a few characters from David Ayer's Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), the cruel leader of Task Force X, is one of them. Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) also have major roles, along with Gunn's colorful cast of new characters, which is led by Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Peacemaker (John Cena), Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela (Sylvester Stallone). Other newcomers die in the first act, including Savant (Michael Rooker), T.D.K. (Nathan Fillion), and Blackguard (Pete Davidson).
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