18 Comics That Show Situations Disney Characters Might Be If They Attended School Together

We all love Disney, but it is a fact that the majority of Disney characters don't attend school. Given their ages, they ought to be close to college age, yet in their world, it is just unheard of. Maybe it's because a film about a young girl who goes to school and studies hard for her future may not be as interesting as a story about a girl who meets a charming prince and involves in an amazing adventure. However, most Disney fans like us always wonder what our favorite characters would look like if they'd gone to school. What would they be like, and what would they do?
So, look at 18 of these re-imagined characters as if they were our classmates. Most of them are taken out of their mystical settings and placed in our modern-day college experience. Though this may not be the traditional Disney setting, it's a fun one to explore!

#1 Aurora always falls asleep in class

Do you often fall asleep in class like her?

#2 Rapunzel would escape with her hair

This is a daring idea to skip school, Rapunzel!

#3 Belle is the most intelligent in the class

Look at the thick books on her desk! Belle is definitely the best student in her class.

#4 The Evil Queen wouldn't be a good or diligent student.

Does that apple contain poison, The Evil Queen? She's so cunning!

#5 They are the best couple in the class

They are the cutest couple in the class! I also want to have a beautiful school love story like that!

#6 Beast has enchanted school supplies

Here's another couple in the class! They are lovely!

#7 Not even Genie’s magic would save Aladdin from a bad grade

Yes, the magic of the genie will also be useless if you do not study, Aladdin. The only thing to get good grades is to study hard.

#8 Mulan should not take Mushu to school

That's great, Mulan. This is probably the coolest exam cheat I've ever come across. But unluckily, Mushu was discovered by the teacher.

#9 Schools are forbidden to bring pets

Oh, they're lovely friends but they're not allowed in the classroom.

#10 Lilo is always late for school

A great excuse to be late for class, Lilo. Can I apply it next time?

#11 Stitch wouldn’t be a good student

He's probably the most disruptive student in the class!

#12 Cinderella is a hard-working student

There's a lovely misunderstanding here. Cinderella is adorable and commendable!

#13 Merida and Moana would have an A+ in physical education

I absolutely love the look of them. They are so sportif in basketball uniforms. They are definitely the strongest team in the class!

#14 Anna would talk to the pictures in her books out of boredom

She should take that time to get to know her classmates.

#15 There would be students who would stand out in art

Although they are often disruptive, Rapunzel and Stick are real artists. And others, like Merida, who, well, not in this case.

#16 There would be a lot of clever students...almost too clever

This is definitely the team of the most intelligent students in the class. But I'm curious which of the two is smarter? Belle or Jumba Jookiba?

#17 Maybe the teacher should close the window

Do you think he can fly from somewhere else?

#18 They want to have Violeta’s power!

I also want a part of Violeta’s power!
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