8 Celebrity Children Who Refused To Follow In Their Famous Parents' Footsteps

If your parent is a famous actor, you’re probably asked, "When are you going to be in movies, too?". It’s your destiny to work as a performer. In addition, it seems easy for them to succeed in a similar path to that of their parents. Whether they want to give acting a try or have musical inclinations, it's not uncommon for a skill to be passed down, in part, from their famous parents. And not only does having a parent established in the industry help kids get a foot in the door that they may not have had otherwise — the parents can also give them tips and mentor them in the business.
But not all celebrity children want that. Some of these kids (now adults) choose a quieter life after growing up in the spotlight on their own. They may still live in West Hollywood's rolling hills, but they have made other lifestyle choices that don't involve walking on a red carpet. They may still live in the rolling hills of West Hollywood, but they've wanted other lifestyles that don't involve the red carpet.
So, take a look at some celebrities who decided to follow their own passions and chose a profession far from the one everyone expected of them.

#1 Jack Perry

Source: © Kathy Hutchins /© boy_myth_legend / Instagram

Jack Perry is the son of deceased actor Luke Perry and Rachel Sharp. Perry is a fan of professional wrestling so he decided to become a professional wrestler. He started wrestling after high school and joined All Elite Wrestling in 2019, where he performs under the ring name Jungle Boy.

#2 Annie Guest

Source: PMC/Sipa USA/East News

Annie Guest is the adopted daughter of the Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Although she regularly joins her mother at film shootings, premieres, and ceremonies, she decided to follow her childhood dream of becoming a dance instructor.

#3 Jack Defoe

Source: © Chris Weeks / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Though Jack Defoe is the only son of Willem Dafoe, he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. Jack has pursued a career in public policy and he has succeeded in his work. He is currently classified as a Senior Policy and Research Associate and puts a lot of effort into making the world and the environment better.

#4 Hannah Selleck

Source: © DFree /© hannahselleck / Instagram

Hannah Margaret Selleck is the only biological daughter of the Hollywood actor Tom Selleck. And she has been an enthusiastic horse rider from a very young age. Mostly, her father, who learned horseback riding for some of his roles in movies, was the main source of inspiration.

#5 Pedro McDormand Coen


When Pedro was 6 months old, famous actress Frances McDormand and her husband Joel Coen adopted him. While his parents work in Hollywood, he choose to be a personal trainer and certified massage therapist. Anyway, despite not following an acting career like his parent, he became a major inspiration for his mother in preparing for "Three Billboards".

#6 Luke Murray

Source: © BAKOUNINE /, Cal Sport Media/Sipa USA/East News

Luke Murray is the son of Hollywood actor Bill Murray, and now he is a famous American men’s basketball coach. He is presently in his third season at the University of Louisville and has worked with various teams. On ESPN's list of the top men's college basketball coaches under 40, he was even placed No. 10.

#7 Heather McCartney

Source: © s_bukley /, ASSOCIATED PRESS/East News

Heather Louise McCartney is the daughter of Linda McCartney with her ex-husband Joseph Melville See Jr. When Heather was six years old, her mother married Sir Paul McCartney and she was formally adopted by McCartney. Heather made an appearance in the Beatles film "Let It Be" and the documentary series "Get Back". But after that, she went to art school, where she focused on pottery and design. She currently likes to avoid the spotlight and is mostly known as a potter.

#8 Stella and Mary McCartney

Source: © marymccartney / Instagram

Stella and Mary McCartney are half-sisters of Heather McCartney, daughters of Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney. Like their parents, they are firm supporters of animal rights and environmentalism. Stella Nina McCartney is a fashion designer, while Mary Anna McCartney became a photographer. When Stella was young, she had an interest in fashion design, and at the age of 13, she created her first jacket. She’s a lifelong vegetarian so neither leather nor fur appears in any of her creations. And her sister, Mary Anna McCartney writes cookbooks and hosts the vegan culinary program "Mary McCartney Serves It Up" on Discovery+. She’s also a vegetarian and has published two vegetarian cookbooks.
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