25 Very Wholesome Posts That'll Hit You Right In The Feels

On one day off, you spend your free time scrolling down newsfeeds on social media just to lift your mood. However, all you get are negative things that make you want to shout "WHYYY." Life consists of both positivity and negativity, but more often than not, people tend to share the latter. Every time you open social media, you seem to be bombarded with the bleakest headlines imaginable.
Are you sick of the negativity on the Internet? Let us introduce you to an online community that is a place for people to share "things that made you smile or brightened up your day." It's the r/MadeMeSmile subreddit. The wholesome posts in this group will remind you that there are plenty of wonderful things happening in the world as well. We have compiled a list of 25 very useful articles that make you enjoy your day. So relax and scroll down to check them out.

#1. How can you not love lecturer’s that try that much

Source: Kaos2018

#2. This is so wholesome

Source: my_happy_soul

#3. 3 Months sober today, for almost 20 years i didn't have a alcohol/drug free day, now im clean, excited and starting to feel somewhat happy about being around, also found this nice 5 leaf clover!

Source: msws2025

#4. Chicago local #1 Iron Workers remake the iconic “Lunch atop a Skyscraper”photo that was originally captured in 1932


#5. This dad has one great son

Source: my_happy_soul

#6. Possibly the most wholesome book review ever

Source: vagabond_rendition

#7. Showed my toddler how to make rainbows

Source: TonyTomato9000

#8. That’s so nice

Source: colorfulsoul_

#9. My 9 year old nephew wrote me an existential birthday poem?

Source: Languageofwaves

#10. God bless them

Source: colorfulsoul_

#11. It's never too late

Source: siempremajima

#12. 20 years apart! My uncle from 48 to 68 and myself from 3 to 23. He was ecstatic to take this picture when we found the old one

Source: Connorgreen_44

#13. I accidentally left my 3-year-old’s favorite bunny at a hotel for a week… the hospitality was top tier!

Source: partiallyanonymous

#14. Royalty is visiting apparently

Source: BoatyMcBoatFace89

#15. Heart shaped cloud spotted during yesterday's sunset

Source: maipaksana

#16. Glad we cleared that up

Source: Limitless_yt89

#17. Best mom

Source: pietradolce

#18. After seeing a movie with his family, Biden takes a moment to speak with a homeless man

Source: cloud_botherer1

#19. My friend used to be self conscious when he wore a bib. I found him a new classy bib and surprised him with it today!

Source: annyoc34

#20. Professor with his buddy

Source: BOSSBABY33

#21. That’s a great man

Source: colorfulsoul_

#22. The best kind of surprise

Source: Limitless_yt89

#23. I think it's so sweet that he did this

Source: siempremajima

#24. He's a Disney Prince

Source: ahoyymaite

#25. Mother, Father and 3 daughters, working on the same flight for Iceland Air

Source: Larrydog

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