6 Deadly Mistakes That Ruined These Actors' Careers

A person is born with a purpose. Some are born to lead the globe or establish new heights in science or arts. Whereas some surprise the world with their talents which are par excellence. If one recognizes their cause, their purpose in life and goes on to accomplish it, he is no less than flawless. However, it is not as straightforward as it seems. It demands utter devotion and dedication toward one’s objective and strict adherence to the morals scattered over the path to accomplishment. If you don’t adopt such morals, you are likely to be diverted.
And deviation only does not takes us far from success; it damages our lives. And if you’re a public figure, then you are doomed. That is because your personal life is not private anymore. Things you do surface in the public media, and something unpleasant will bite you terribly. For some celebrities, it has been easy to re-surface from the past and build upon their image. But that is not the case for those whose fatal mistakes that destroy careers

1. Lindsay Lohan

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Lohan began her Hollywood career at age 3, living the dream of millions of children. The value of anything isn't recognized until it's gone. Alcohol, drugs, and crimes have destroyed many celebrities' careers, including Lohan's. She was sacked from movie sets and TV Shows and became one of Hollywood's most contentious actors.
Lindsay, who starred in several famous films, fought hard to overcome her drug addiction, but nothing helped her regain her former prominence. After failing on TV shows and movies in the last decade, she aspires to launch a lifestyle website.

2. Katt Williams

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Remember the dude with ponytails who made terrible jokes? Yes, Katt Williams, who's been self-destructing for years. The stand-up comedian damaged their career in seconds. Katt's dumb antics have landed him in jail and rehab. Katt is notorious for doing things he probably considers humorous, such as stealing (camera, jewelry, coins, etc.) and beating a 7th grader. He's a tremendous loser who has missed all his chances. Williams seems to be on a quest to harm himself and requires counseling.

3. Charlie Sheen

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The actor's stupidity and drug addiction destroyed his career in seconds. This film star's slide began when he was sacked from TV shows for drug use and anti-Semitic remarks. His harsh words on Chuck Lorre hurt his career, and the media publicized his idiocy.
Sheen told media he was a "warlock" with "tiger blood" He uploaded recordings of himself smoking and cursing his employers in his craziness. He said he was a Martian rock star. His actions were not natural and were unlike anyone else on the planet. Despite having HIV, he had 200 sexual partners.

4. Britney Spears

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Britney's mental health troubles and drug and alcohol misuse 'helped' wreck her career. Spears had never performed like before. Once America's top pop vocalist and teen superstar. She's a wild woman who ruined her career. We remember Britney as a teenager and the woman who shaved her head.
Britney knows she is almost over, but she hasn't given up. She announced her first Vegas residency, clearly implying that the artist has realized her future is bleak. She lip-syncs, and her teammates divert the audience, but her charm and charisma are gone. It's over, Britney.

5. Judy Garland

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Judy Garland worked hard for over 40 years, but her adult life was a disaster. In the 1940s, her brilliant performances evolved into temper tantrums, and she was sacked for no-shows. Drugs, drunkenness, and failed marriages nearly bankrupted her.
Judy overdosed on prescription drugs after her 47th birthday. She focused on her performances in an industry where success and failure are common. She succumbed to Hollywood pressure and weight gain, choosing the wrong path. The star who ruled many hearts died with the label of a drug addict.

6. Jared Fogle

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After losing weight, this former Subway worker became an inspiration for overweight people. His weight loss was put down to Subway, so he became a spokesperson for the company. Men who wanted to lose weight but craved junk food got ideas from him. After shocking and scary news came out, Jared's life fell apart. Jared Fogle was found to be a child molester, costing him his job and good name.
Fogle was convicted of child pornography in 2015 and paid prostitutes to bring him, minor girls. Text messages and audio recordings show he "craved" young girls and boys. Fogle must serve 13 years in prison. You'll have to find another motivation to lose weight.
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