13 Most Hilarious Back To School Pics To Brighten Your Day

Remember those annual back-to-school photos your mother used to force you to take on the first day of a new grade? Children all across the world may have a long and proud tradition of enduring first-day-of-school photos, but that doesn't mean they always turn out as expected. Here is a collection of hilarious back-to-school photos that challenge conventional wisdom.
The amusing school photographs you'll see on this page show children who aren't exactly excited about their first day back in school as well as their parents who can't wait to drop them off there.
You'll therefore find yourself in good company among the group you'll meet below, whether you're not exactly excited about your own impending first day of school or are a parent who proclaims that summer can't come fast enough.
Consult this list to come up with humorous suggestions for your yearly back-to-school photo shoot or to make yourself feel better about the one you just had to suffer. Check out this collection of youngsters before and after their first day of school if you need more images like this in your life.

#1 can you guess who's the most excited for school to start?

Source:  flickr / CC0

#2 the party don't start 'til this guy walks in

Source:  mommyshorts

#3 It's the final countdown

Source: : thestatuswoe / via wordpress

#4 guessing mom and dad will be okay with not having them around as much

Source: flickr / CC0

#5 Is it summer yet?

Source:  shadesofsagellc / via Instagram

#6 how poetic is the reluctantly abandoned light saber at his feet?

Source: sometimeshomemade / via instagram

#7 She can't even with school right now

Source: flickr / CC0

#8 "Good luck cupcake"

Source: Happy Acres Photography / via facebook

#9 The mom that forgot to make a sign so she gave her kid a blank piece of paper so that she could photoshop the words at a later date

Source: mommyshorts

#10 The kid who barely made it out the front door without staging an anti-school protest

Source: mommyshorts

#11 The sibling who did not inherit the school spirit gene like her sisters

Source: mommyshorts

#12 The kid who tooted on his sign instead of saying “cheese”

Source: mommyshorts

#13 The preschooler who was literally about to live every high schooler’s worst nightmare

Source: mommyshorts

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