15 Hilarious Lost and Found Signs That Are Way Too Accurate

Losing something you hold dear is rarely enjoyable. When a pet is lost, the situation is worse. A "Lost Dog" or "Have You Seen Me" sign must then be made and taped to lamp poles all over the neighborhood. I'm sure we've all seen them.
However, there are occasions when people are content to lose particular things. You might want to pay attention to the indications you encounter if you're curious about how someone gets to feel joy.
Humans are amusing beings. They think that posting several posters throughout the city will help them find something they've misplaced more quickly for some unexplained reason. The typical person will spend a couple of hours hunting for a lost or forgotten critical item before deciding to let someone else deal with it.
In some situations, the tactic is successful and the lost are located thanks to these signs, but most of the time, lost and found signs are merely people handing their home phone number to a bunch of haphazard street drifters. The good news is that the fun starts when you completely lose your mind after losing enough things in your life.

#1 Dawg days of summer

Source: Metaweb / CC-BY

#2 Hold onto your butts

Source: via Pinterest

#3 You have cat to be kitten me right meow

Source: Slogan Maker

#4 Have you seen my precious?

Source: Pinterest

#5 Looks like a case for Magnum P.I.

Source: Pinterest

#6 Childhood ruined

Source: R Words

#7 Ninja please

Source:  Inspire First

#8 Are you the keymaster?

Source: Pinterest

#9 When all logic is lost

Source: Pinterest

#10 Lionel Ritche

Source: Facebook

#11 Have you seen this bird?

Source: Pinterest

When you meet someone new, have a great time, and then learn they are only visiting, it can be really disheartening. They might have been your new best buddy, but they're going to leave shortly. This is what took place.

#12 Now we are bros

Source: Twitter

Whoever was the first owner of this cherished dog must be devastated. The abandoned dog has made pals with a new owner, who doesn't appear to be planning on giving the animal up anytime soon.

#13 His face is like a skillet

Source: Dogtime

#14 Unhappy chicken

Source: Pinterest

#15 The only options...

Source: Twitter

What is the prize if you do notice the flyer, is the actual query. Is there a phone number you may call to get your reward listed on the reverse of the "yes" slips? It's unexpected how many tabs were opened.

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