15 Funniest School Sign Mistakes That'll Make You Smile

Making signs is rather easy: simply write the message you wish to convey in large letters and use drawings for clarity or aesthetic appeal. Additionally, they can still be enjoyable even if they are typically meant to impart some sort of significant information.
Everywhere we go, there are signs: on the side of the road as we pass by, in parking lots, at the entrance to a coffee shop, and in supermarkets. Most of us are too busy running errands or driving to pay any attention to them, but apparently a lot of these signs are quite funny.
School is a terrific place for..signs. It can occasionally be entertaining and other times uninteresting. Although teachers and administrators go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that students have the greatest possible experience, signs occasionally fall short of the mark and fail to make their intended point.
We've put together a collection of amusing road signs today because they were just too amusing not to post online. A selection of 15 of the funniest school signs is provided below. You'll chuckle at the sight of typos, misunderstandings, and other humorous remarks.

#1 Congratulations to the spelling bee winners at this local elementary school! Maybe they can tutor the person who prepared the sign!

Source: Ranker

#2 Word order matters! Drug-free school zones are probably way more common! 

Source:  Ranker

#3 Most people say "Take care and GOD bless." This sign shows it a little bit backward, though! At least they tried wishing their students well for summer! 

Source:  Do You Remember

#4 Exercise is so important! So is spelling! 

Source: Huff Post 

#5 Someone should put the brakes on this sign! Yikes! Who "hade" that job? Not the best communication with students here! 

Source: Vapinggo

#6 Then or than? That is the question here! And this great "nation" is proud of Meeker School! 

Source: Huffpost

#7 This teacher realizes priorities are important. You should never interrupt for any reason, besides these very important ones! This would be ideal in a middle school classroom

Source: Bored Panda

#8 This art teacher hit the nail on the head with this funny sign, showing mistakes are ok! 

Source: Bored Panda

#9 Readers are leaders, for sure! Writing words with correct spelling, however, may be a goal here at Grace Warner Elementary


#10 Puntastic legalese!

Source:  Reddit

#11 The proof is on the sign...

Source: Reddit

#12 I'd listen to this sign too...

Source: Reddit


#13 This pharmacy is sending the WRONG message!

Source: Reddit

#14 This sign is SO punny!

Source: Reddit

#15 Clocks are never stolen at schools for the exact same reason.

Source: Reddit

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