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  1. #1. Who Killed Rengoku
  2. #2. Why Rengoku Kyoujurou Death Is Inevitable

How Rengoku Death Totally Changes Later Demon Slayer Seasons

Rengoku Death caused a shock to fans in the anime film Demon Slayer Mugen Train shocked fans of the franchise. Kyojuro Rengoku is one of the nine Hashiras' most potent demon slayers. He was a shining example of honor and justice, standing up for the helpless even in his final moments.
Mugen Defeats the Demons With Rengoku's death as the story's conclusion, Train focuses on the protagonist's character and highlights his fighting skills. I can't even begin to describe the shock of witnessing Kyojuro Rengoku's demise for the first time, and I'm no stranger to manga. Rengoku's death at the hands of Akaza, the Third Upper Rank Six Demons, left me sorrowful and shocked.

#1. Who Killed Rengoku

rengoku death Source: Demon Slayer
Kyojuro Rengoku, as the Flame Hashira, is an influential member of the core team of Demon Slayer. Rengoku had extraordinary resolve and almost unstoppable swordsmanship, and he spent years honing his craft before ascending to one of the Corps' most revered posts. When Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko required a Hashira to lead them against the demon of the Mugen train, Rengoku was a natural choice.
Even Inosuke was impressed by Rengoku's performance against the demons on the Mugen train in the Demon Slayer film, and Rengoku saved the lives of all 200 passengers. Despite coming so close to victory, Rengoku ultimately lost to Akaza, the Upper-Rank Three demon. Even though this is one of the game's most devastating deaths, it occurs for some very important and consequential reasons. If you are a fan of anime movies, you may also have an interest in Naruto's death.

#2. Why Rengoku Kyoujurou Death Is Inevitable

rengoku deathRengoku's poker face and wry sense of humor make him seem like a funny character at first. Page by page, we learn the full depth of his abilities thanks to his flame-breathing technique. With the help of Tanjiro, he can fight Enmu, a member of the lower tier of the Twelve Kizuki, who had been trying to take the demon slayers' spiritual essences by putting them into a deep sleep.
'Scattered Dawn,' Chapter 66, tells the story of Rengoku's passing. Kyojuro instructs Tanjiro to sift through his childhood home in search of archival records on Hinokami Kagura (Sun Breathing Style). He also requests that Tanjiro advise his father to take care of his body and his sibling to pursue his aspirations. He acknowledges Nezuko's demon-hunting abilities and praises her bravery in rescuing the train's passengers.
They are the protectors of the younger Hashira, and Kyujuro reminds Tanjiro of his responsibilities as a Hashira. A true demon slayer, he says, is willing to lay down their life for the sake of others. When he dies, his mother will be waiting to greet him in the hereafter and tell him how pleased she was with him.

#3. The Way His Death Changes Later Demon Slayer Seasons

rengoku deathFor the duration of the series run, the death of Rengoku will profoundly affect the younger slayers. Rengoku has a pivotal role in the growth of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke as characters and as fighters, because he is the first Hashira that they formally collaborate. Every season of Demon Slayer features a looming threat posed by Muzan Kibutsuji, and his terrible power is made obvious when Rengoku dies. Likewise, the enormity of the threat posed by demons is brought home to them with great clarity after his death.
Tanjiro and his allies in the second season of Demon Slayer are fighting alongside Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui in the Entertainment District Arc. They are acutely aware of just how high the stakes are after witnessing Rengoku's death at the hands of an Upper-Rank demon. In season 3 of Demon Slayer, the youthful slayers will presumably continue to adopt this outlook as they get to know the Mist and Love Hashiras, Muichiro Tokito, and Mitsuri Kanroji. Thus, even in the later seasons of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Kyojuro Rengoku's death is a source of inspiration and motivation.
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