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  1. #1. The 6 Best Characters In Shelby Family Tree

6 Most Beloved Characters In Shelby Family

A few key distinctions exist between the historical events shown in Peaky Blinders and their actual counterparts. In the show, the Peaky Blinders family operates in the 1920s and 1930s, although in reality, they were most active in the 1890s. Although the Peaky Blinders gang did exist in real life, the Shelby family shown as their benefactors in the show is fictional.
Throughout the critically acclaimed BBC series Peaky Blinders, the fictitious organized crime family directs all operations. The Shelby family also holds ownership in the Shelby Company Limited to further establish their legitimacy. Although the huge and ever-expanding size of the Shelby family tree, not every member is popular.

#1. The 6 Best Characters In Shelby Family Tree

6. Arthur Shelby

shelby family Source: Peaky Blinders
Thomas can always count on the oldest Shelby brother. Although he is more of a thinker than a doer, he has been happy to contribute his strength to Shelby Company Limited and the International Criminal Court (ICA). Arthur isn't malicious but also too reckless to avoid harm. After he chooses to see a film without adequate security, he becomes Chief Inspector Campbell's first victim in his pursuit of the Blinders. When Arthur finally discovers that his wife is working against him, it's too late.

5. John Shelby

John is instantly established as a top-tier killer and continues to prove himself throughout the series. His experience in the Warwickshire Yeomanry has shaped him into someone who takes great pleasure in ensuring the eternal rest of his foes.
Unfortunately, John is prone to acting recklessly due to his tendency to get carried away. He takes the life of a mobster a little too much to heart, given his vicious demeanor. The fact that he is willing to take lives is tragic and earns him many detractors. Unfortunately, his good fortune runs out as he is ambushed by Changretta mobsters armed with automatic rifles. Moreover, here is all about his mysterious death in Peaky Blinders. Take a look!

4. Finn Shelby - Shelby Family

The youngest Shelby brother hasn't gotten his hands dirty in the family business because his older brothers constantly covering up for him. Though he is developing into a young adult, Finn is rarely the focus of any major events.
Finn is neutral since he is not actively participating in the relationship. Some of the things he's done are fantastic, while others are quite bothersome. He has, for instance, aided Arthur in his battles against addiction and anger. However, there have been occasions when Finn's lack of expertise has cost them dearly, such as when he almost botches an attempt to kill Oswald Mosley.

3. Shelby Grace

shelby familyThe plot of Grace's story progresses well. Because she saw the murder of her father at the hands of the Blinders, she decides to become an undercover agent and works at The Garrison Pub to bring the gang to justice. The audience quickly admires Grace for her bravery as an undercover operative for the Birmingham Police, as shown in the first episode. By falling in love with the giant she is tasked with killing, Thomas Shelby, she becomes a key player in the show's best love story.

2. Aunt Polly

shelby familyTo say that the grandmother of the Shelby family isn't a typical criminal would be an understatement. She has been the treasurer of Shelby Company Limited and is a certified public accountant. She has made a tremendous impact on the family. While the Shelby men were off fighting in World War I, she ran the Blinders. The boys aren't the kind to take orders, but they always respect Aunt Polly's counsel. The Blinders, as we know them in the show, wouldn't exist if she hadn't taken in her nephews Arthur Jr., John, Finn, and Thomas and her niece Ada after their father abandoned them.

1. Thomas Shelby - Shelby Family

shelby familyThomas Shelby is proof that hard work and determination can achieve great success. He goes against the grain by rising from gang leader to socialist leader and then to the position of Member of Parliament. As the antihero is charismatic and courageous, he or she is difficult to despise. He is a man of firm convictions, as seen by his determination to hoard the government's arsenal despite widespread advice to the contrary. When friends or coworkers are having problems, he quickly detects them. As a result, he instantly thinks of solutions.
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