Army Of The Dead: The Flop And Potential Release Date

Zack Snyder's massive Netflix zombie movie, Army of the Dead, has garnered a lot of criticism, but it's still a lot of fun, violence, and thrills. The film follows a squad of mercenaries recruited to steal $50 million from a casino vault in the middle of a zombie-infested Las Vegas in the hours before a nuclear shower pours down on Sin City, and it's packed with action and escapism.
There are a lot of scary zombies and gory deaths in the picture, but the plot is questionable, inconsistent, and hard to follow.

#1. Is Army Of The Dead A Flop? 5 Reasons Caused This Flop

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1. The Mysterious Disappearance of Geeta

In Army of the Dead, Burt scolds Geeta and Kate. Given Geeta's significance in Kate's eyes, her mysterious disappearance after boarding the chopper is one of the film's more baffling story holes. Kate goes to great lengths to try and save Geeta, even sacrificing Scott, Peters, and Lilly, but in the end, Geeta just disappears. When Scott insists on sending Geeta's share of the money to Geeta's children, he implies that Geeta perished in the helicopter crash.

2. Pregnancy in Zombies

Even though Snyder included a zombie fetus in his 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, he has yet to openly explain how a rotting zombie could become pregnant, let alone give birth, in the ensuing 17 years. In the aftermath of Martin beheading The Queen, Zeus comes and takes her body, then cuts out their zombie baby. Dead people giving birth to living undead babies is a far-fetched idea, but it's about to make the villain more sympathetic and explain his vindictive motivation.

3. Robot Zombies

The mysterious appearance of zombie robots in the film continues to create more concerns than answers, even though their presence may be more noticeable in the two supposed prequels, Army of Thieves and Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. A race of metallic-faced, glowing blue-eyed zombie bots populate the casino floor, yet they are never named by name. The discovery has unleashed a flurry of wild speculation online about possible connections and applications of the finding.

4. Radioactive Fallout

An early news report states that the yield of the nuclear bomb dropped on Las Vegas will be very small. The survivors' chances of avoiding fatal radiation exposure are low, considering the magnitude of the explosion and the accompanying gas cloud. Having just shot her diseased father, Kate would likely be about to damage nuclear energy after being close to the bomb site. Even Vanderohe, who didn't wait for the radiation to dissipate before fleeing the vault and traveling to a Utah airport, got caught.

5. Extreme Time Pressure

Given the imminence of the nuclear assault, one of the film's biggest mysteries is why the protagonists don't act with more haste. In the final moments, before they detonate the bomb in the city, the team moves slowly and casually to discuss the situation. There is an inexplicable lack of urgency on the part of the team once they find out that the nuclear bomb will hit Las Vegas in 90 minutes rather than 24 hours. This and Vanderohe's oblique allusion to a possible time loop confuse Army of the Dead's chronology.

#2. Should I Watch Army Of The Dead Or Army Of Thieves First?

army of the deadWatch Army of Thieves if the idea of breaking into supposedly unbreakable safes sounds fascinating to you. You should really watch Army of the Dead before this film to have some context, if not a lot of contexts, to assist you through it. Despite Army of Thieves' worldwide success on Netflix, some viewers may become disoriented by the film's many flashbacks and abrupt conclusions. You can resolve these issues by viewing Army of the Dead first. Or, if you have no opinion, why don't you try these best action movies in 2021 out?

#3. Will there be an Army of the Dead 2?

army of the dead
Even if Netflix has officially started production on Army of the Dead 2, the release date may still be a ways off. The Hollywood Reporter states that Snyder has begun production on his Star Wars fan film Rebel Moon. Eventually, Snyder will move on to the horror sequel. Though we can't say how long it will take to make Rebel Moon, we think the earliest Army of the Dead sequel might go into development is in 2022. This could imply the show doesn't debut on Netflix until late 2023. This is all conjecture at this point; we'll provide updates as soon as we learn more.
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