Photos Of The Worst Cases Tech Support Had To Go Through

Working in tech support is not simple. They are required to clean up the messes left behind by those who don't know anything about technology and don't want to try to learn. Additionally, it's not only cooler dust or an audio jack that isn't properly connected. No, we are referring to massive mistakes and hidden fire hazards.
Even if more and more people are becoming tech-savvy and are able to handle basic problems on their own, many people still find the realm of technology to be mysterious. Consider the times your beloved computer produced odd noises, vented various complaints, or, God forbid, displayed the enormous blue error that you most certainly did not want to see. The only option at that point is tech support heroes.
There is a whole subreddit that might disprove your assumption that all IT specialists do is instruct you to press the restart button or assist you with that "serious" problem with the printer that isn't even plugged in yet. On Reddit's TechSupportGore, tech support personnel share their most outrageous repairs.
We know you're going to appreciate our picks of some of their zaniest postings. And start looking after your electronics better. Look at this.

#1 before and after of a network switche refresh for a school district

Source: TheAmateurRunner

#2 It's 2022 And I Hate Sandisk For Still Using A Design Like This

Source: cgmyt

#3 I'm done for today

Source: EastFoxes

#4 Thanks to poor planning, this is how i have to service this equipment

Source: sp00nix

#5 Some one dropped this off, check that screen burn. it’s off

Source: flamewingdragon

#6 heard we're posting things found in projectors? how about wasps? customer claimed "keeps overheating"

Source: LordWoodyMushrome

#7 hey, our network is down, can you look into it? me: i think i see the problem

Source: smohk1

#8 cleaning chromebooks in the school i work in, this is 4th grade. completely dead to the world

Source: Slow_Cryptographer14

#9 ticket states “student chromebook has a nail sticking out of the headphone jack”

Source: seloid

#10 Mouse


#11 "when they get creative with the only working audio output they have"


#12 "Customer Describes A “Slight” Burning Smell"

Source: reddit

#13 "dont use lemonade to clean your mouse. i thought the acidity would clean off the buildup of crumbs and cheeto grease but it just attracted these ants. i left home for 2 days, just to see this on my desk"

Source:  reddit

#14 "go check the switch closet. we think something might have gotten unplugged somewhere"

Source: reddit

#15 "a dove made a nest in the projector in my classroom"

Source: reddit

#16 improvision


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