10+ Trends From Movies That Creep Into Our Lives

It is said that the film industry is arguably one of the most influential sectors of modern society. A good movie does more than entertain or fill seats at the cinema. It has the power to change hearts and minds and sometimes society more widely.
Sitcoms and comedy shows indeed make us crack up, psychological thrillers help us see the world from new perspectives and historical films help us understand where we’ve come from as a people. However, it’s not only that.
Movies have always had this influence over society, as pop culture is typically a result of whatever film is popular at any given moment. Movies.have hidden ads that are designed to promote certain products. From clothes to the things we say, they all can be dictated by a movie, even if we don’t know them.
Today, we’ve rounded up some trends that appeared in our lives thanks to movies.

#1 “Skunk” hair (Cruella)

Source: © Cruella / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

Fashionistas couldn’t resist Cruella’s hairstyle after watching the movie. Social media is full of images of girls with splits, one side of which was dyed black and the other platinum white. A famous colorist from Los Angeles "blamed" Emma Stone's Cruella for the popularity of this type of dyeing.

Source: © Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / Warner Bros. and co-producers

#2 Checkered tracksuit (The Gentlemen)

Source: © The Gentlemen / STX Films and co-producers

“The Gentlement” leaves a great impression on fans by not only the plot but the characters’ outfits. All creative outfits look British but none of them caused the same stir as the tracksuit of Colin Farrell's character. The British brand Lonsdale launched their line of these tracksuits, called Gentlement Tracksuit, for the mass market.

Source: © The Gentlemen / STX Films and co-producers

#3 A rose under the glass dome (Beauty and the Beast)

Source: © Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

After “Beauty and the Beast” was released in 2017, many were impressed by the enchanted rose under the glass dome. So, they decided to decorate their home with the same type. The Internet got flooded with tutorials on how to create this unusual souvenir.

Source: © Carina Santos / YouTube

#4 Tea drinking (Downton Abbey)

Source: © Downton Abbey / Carnival Film & Television and co-producers

In the movie “Downton Abbey”, the characters drink tea quite regularly which became a trend for a long time. The movie is one of the main factors that help a British company increase the sales of its products during the broadcast of the series. The announcement mentioned a 5-fold increase in supplies.

#5 Flat cap (Peaky Blinders)

Source: © Peaky Blinders / Caryn Mandabach Productions and co-producers

Fashion magazines claim that Peaky Blinders sparked a renaissance of classic menswear. The keywords “The Shelby look” and “men's tweed suit” reached a huge number of searches. Viewers loved the costume of the lead character – a flat cap (known as a newsboy cap). A great number of caps were sold quickly. In 2016, when season 3 of the series was released, the sales of these flat caps increased by 83%.

#6 Vintage corset and lace gloves (Bridgerton)

Source: © Bridgerton / Shondaland and co-producers

After the release of “Bridgerton”, a huge number of people started wearing corsets. Many websites selling corsets saw a dramatic increase in site traffic. It's not just corsets that became desirable objects for the show's fans. The lace gloves of the characters caused an even bigger stir.

Source: © Bridgerton / Shondaland and co-producers

#7 Solver neck chain (Normal People)

Source: © Normal People / Element Pictures and co-producers

Paul Mescal, who portrayed Connell, looked extremely hot in the movie “Normal People” and many fashionistas believed that the thich neck chain helped him more attractive. Many viewers rushed to online shops seeking the same accessory. After the show aired, one seller claimed a 53% increase in traffic.

#8 Used brand items (Emily in Paris)

Source: © Emily in Paris / Jax Media and co-producers

Many items by Chanel reported a 30% increase in sales after the movie was released. Lily Collins who played Emily Cooper used spectacular accessories from this brand more than once.

#9 Walking around Sacramento (Lady Bird)

Source: © Lady Bird / IAC Films and co-producers

The number of tours around Sacramento, where the main character in the movie “Lady Bird” lived, increased after it aired. Even today, travel companies offer customers walking and running tours called Lady Bird, including locations from the movie.

#10 Dalgona honeycomb candy (Squid Game)

Source: © Squid Game / Siren Pictures

The scene when characters cut out different candy shapes from sugar became one of the most memorable moments of the “Squid Game”. At that time, social media was filled with videos and pics of the candy “picking” challenge. Segyero Dalgona, a confectionery company in Seoul, was going through hard times but became prosperous after the release of the movie. The sales of Dalgona increased several times and buyers were ready to spend 2 hours in line to get the same candy as in Squid Game.

Source: © Squid Game / Siren Pictures

#11 Mushroom ravioli (The Twilight Saga)

Source: © The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 / Summit Entertainment and co-producers

Source: © Twilight / Summit Entertainment and co-producers© fugzu / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY 2.0

In a scene of “The Twilight”, where Bella was eating mushroom ravioli on her first date with Edward in the Bella Italia restaurant in Port Angeles, affected the food preferences of the viewers. In 2009, the company cooked about 4,500 servings of this dish for fans of the saga. In 2011, it presented The Twilight Saga-style frozen ravioli available for purchase.
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