16 Most Evil Designs That You Will Ever See

Everyone has heard of bad design, which ignores factors like usability, reason and common sense, aesthetics, and people in general. We're discussing everything from billboards to TV commercials to product packaging and designs to websites and applications.
Poor design is a phenomena that persists in our daily lives despite the advancements in marketing and advertising practices over the past few decades. Even Satan himself couldn't have come up with some container designs since they are so vile. No, the evil creatures featured on this list  originated in places that are much darker than Hell. The companies responsible for these deceptions are so dishonest that they merit all the disgrace they can receive, from printing false titles to concealing the (lack of) contents of their products.
Throttling is yet another really shady design technique. Throttling is the deliberate downgrading of a service or product by a business in the hopes that the client would upgrade. The product is still functional; it is simply considerably slower and shittier than it used to be. This is different from forced obsolescence, the product designer explained.
As it turns out, even well-known companies like Apple have been accused of doing this. Apple has agreed to pay up to $500 million to consumers who were affected by its practice of slowing down outdated iPhones as part of a class action settlement.
We are going one step further this time. It can appear that brands are doing this on purpose, or at the very least without shame, when the design is so irritating, pointless, and outdated.

#1 Appstore for you


#2 Yes. No?


#3 I chose the bottle because a tube wasn't enough! this trojan trickery is an abuse coming from a brand with recognition

Source: PoorGeno

#4 Brand new protein powder, not even filled half whey

Source: Furious_Flames

#5 Amazon prime video doesn't tell you if a show is unavailable in your country until after you subscribe to amazon prime

Source: Iescaunare

#6 Really?

Source: EveningBluebird

#7 They replaced half the mirrors in my local shopping mall's bathroom with advertising boards!

Source: BradleyZ17



#9 1001 stickers and 768 of them are useless squares. Thanks, Disney

Source: Mishi_Moshi

#10 Tricked by the packaging of my moisturizing cream

Source: Bail-Me-Out

#11 Anyone else bothered by deceptive packaging like this?

Source: sevenhops

#12 Bought these sticky notes cause i thought the gold border was nice

Source: KarmasDoll

#13 My sister got this for her birthday

Source: GatorMaster2112

#14 The sticker was a lie

Source: Doophie

#15 Reality is often dissapointing

Source: vicesam

#16 "Printed all over" and deliberately leaves the pattern on the outside of the package

Source: sorden96

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