9 Hilariously Weird Phobias From Favorite Celebrities

And while most of us can learn to live with our phobias and carry on with our lives, some phobias are more debilitating than others. Many of the celebrities,on this list came close to giving up on their ambitions to become famous because of their concerns. When you fear traveling or meeting new people in general, it can be challenging to maintain an outwardly impressive persona and network effectively to get a job.
Thankfully, these well-known individuals face their concerns every day so that we can benefit from their abilities. The following is a list of 9 hilarious weird obsessions from celebrities whose fears nearly derailed their careers as actors or musicians.

9. Megan Fox: Paper

Hilarious weird obsessions from celebrities, Megan Fox: PaperSource: Getty Images

Megan Fox's sexy appearance and action film roles are well-known. Due to her unusual phobia, we almost missed her acting. The actress hates dry paper. She told Jimmy Fallon, "I can't touch scripts, newspapers, or anything not laminated!" On chaotic days, like when I'm reading a screenplay, I'll dip my fingertips in water before turning each page. Sometimes I'm neurotic.” I've never heard of this concern, but it could have hampered her Hollywood career. Fox may never have been an actor if she couldn't read tangible scripts and contracts.

8. Nicki Minaj: Escalators

, Nicki Minaj: EscalatorsSource: Getty Images

Nicki Minaj is cool. The rapper and performer don't care what others think and aren't afraid of anything. This persona is superficial. Why? Minaj fears escalators. Though she hasn't verified her concern, a 2011 incident makes it clear. This diva needed to ride an escalator down one floor for the NBAPA Gala. The paparazzi arrived because she couldn't or wouldn't do it. The celebrity was wearing high heels and may have wanted to prevent stumbling, but we'll never know.

7. DJ Khaled: Heights

Hilarious weird obsessions from celebrities, DJ Khaled: HeightsSource: Getty Images

He's recognized for producing and working on hot music and his funny Snapchat stories. Despite being on top of the world, he fears being there - acrophobic. He refused to fly for over a decade due to his anxiety. Thanks to Asahd, he finally flew in 2017. The Palestinian DJ said in an Instagram video that parenting had changed his entire worldview. "God is the greatest!" read the video's caption. My son, thanks! Asahd, you're awesome!”

6. Kendall Jenner: Tiny Holes

Hilarious weird obsessions from celebrities, Kendall Jenner: Tiny HolesSource: Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is a famous Kardashian-Jenner sibling. Though she grew up in the spotlight thanks to her family's show, she's moved on from reality TV. She's a runway, print, and TV model. You may know her from Pepsi, Estee Lauder, and Fendi campaigns. She's one of today's it girls and looks to have everything, but she lives in fear. Kendall fears tiny holes "in bizarre patterns" Look at a honeycomb or lotus head and see if it makes you anxious. The model said air bubbles in pancakes "set her off" since "who knows what's in [them]?"

5. Scarlett Johansson: Birds

Hilarious weird obsessions from celebrities, Scarlett Johansson: BirdsSource: Getty Images

Animal phobias are prevalent. Maybe you fear bugs or snakes. Barking dogs or skittering rodents may startle you. These concerns are ingrained in our psychology to protect us from predators. Even if those animals are no longer a threat, our minds know. Has anyone ever been terrified of birds? If so, they join Scarlett Johansson. The actress is scared of birds, which causes problems in We Bought a Zoo. Only the birds on set made her heart race. Johansson said, "Wings, beaks, flapping." I'm scared. This persists. My uncle is also afraid of birds, therefore, it's a family trait.”

4. Matthew McConaughey: Revolving Doors

Hilarious weird obsessions from celebrities, Matthew McConaughey: Revolving DoorsSource: Getty Images

McConaughey is usually cool and collected. He's slow-witted and possesses Southern charm. He's never concerned. When this performer encounters a spinning door, things aren't "alright, alright, alright." Matthew says, "I get anxious near them." That'd be a problem for a performer. How do you meet an agent, director, or interviewer? This weird anxiety has hurt the actor's career, but he's not alone.

3. Orlando Bloom: Pigs

Hilarious weird obsessions from celebrities, Orlando Bloom: PigsSource: Getty Images

'00s girls like me love Orlando Bloom. Smart, successful, and handsome. He has a weird phobia, though. Bloom hates pigs. Pink farm animals, yes. Bloom, who played a medieval blacksmith in the Kingdom of Heaven, reportedly couldn't handle a stray pig on set. When he spotted the pig coming, he "sprinted like crazy." Swinophobia is an irrational fear of pigs.

2. Oprah: Chewing Gum

Hilarious weird obsessions from celebrities, Oprah: Chewing GumSource: Getty Images

Oprah is an actress, talk show host, and media mogul. She rose from poverty to become a household name over decades. Oprah's popular. You'd never guess her weirdest trait. Oprah's phobia impacts everyone around her. This executive hates gum. In 2010, she told People, "I despise chewing gum." The thought sickens me. When they eat noisily or smack it, that's the worst."

1. Cameron Diaz: Doorknobs

Hilarious weird obsessions from celebritiesSource: Getty Images

Cameron Diaz has a silly fear: doorknobs. If she bought a new doorknob, she wouldn't feel anxious about doorknob germs. She used to clean her house numerous times a day and sanitize the doorknobs so much that the paint fell off. After touching a doorknob, she always washes her hands. Diaz's strange dread derives from OCD.
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