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  1. #1. Who kills Arthur Shelby? Is Arthur Shelby Still Alive?
  2. #2. What Did Arthur Shelby Suffer From? Arthur Shelby Death

All About Arthur Shelby In Peaky Blinders: Death And Feud

Billy Shelby's father, Arthur Shelby, is the oldest sibling of Arthur and Mrs. Shelby's other children, Thomas, John, Ada, and Finn. He is a stalwart of the Peaky Blinders and a former spouse of Linda Shelby. In addition to being his brother's right-hand man, he holds the positions of Deputy Vice President of Shelby Company Limited and member of the ICA. Arthur's drug abuse becomes increasingly severe.

#1. Who kills Arthur Shelby? Is Arthur Shelby Still Alive?

arthur shelby Source: Peaky Blinders
Arthur Shelby died and returned to life in Peaky Blinders season 4, episode 6. If he had stayed dead, the Shelby family would have been in a lot of trouble. In season 3, Arthur killed Vicente Changretta, which made Changretta's son, Luca, want to get even with the Shelbys in season 4. After Arthur's "death," it seemed like the vendetta was over, but when he came back to life unexpectedly, the Peaky Blinders were able to use the element of surprise to their advantage. After Arthur shoots Luca in the head, the vendetta is over. It was important to note that Arthur was the one who fired the gun.

#2. What Did Arthur Shelby Suffer From? Arthur Shelby Death

arthur shelbyWhen Peaky Blinders premiered in 2013, it chronicled the Shelby family as they transitioned from bookmakers to opium suppliers and eventually into politics. Fan favorite Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) made it through the final episode of Peaky Blinders despite his struggles with addiction and suicidal thoughts. The upcoming Peaky Blinders film will reveal his ultimate destiny. You may find interested in some lines in the movie, and here are some of the best Thomas Shelby quotes.
If Arthur Shelby had died in Peaky Blinders season 4, it would have changed the vengeance and ended Tommy's story. After a near-death encounter in WWI, the Shelby brothers concluded that: "all else was extra." This shaped Tommy's actions but didn't influence him until Arthur's near-death in season 4. Arthur's acts after fleeing the garotte were all self-destructive: Linda's abandonment led him to mutilate her Quaker confidant in season 5; Polly's murder in season 6 pushed him to Birmingham's opium dens. If he hadn't escaped the garotte, the destruction would have spread.

What Happened During 'Arthur Shelby Death'

Tommy negotiated with American gangs during Arthur's "death." Al Capone was likewise interested in expanding from Chicago, it was revealed. No gang wanted to launch a fight, but if the Changretta family patriarch was slain fairly, they could occupy his lands. Capone took Luca's remaining men to Birmingham. Aberama Gold might have won the vendetta fairly if he had slain Luca instead of Arthur. Capone wouldn't have intervened with the Changrettas still out for blood, and the Italian conflict lasted until season 5. Arthur's death would have complicated Peaky Blinders' problems in season 5, episode 1.

The Feud Between Peaky Blinders’ Gens

arthur shelbyCapone may not have cared about breaking tradition, according to some. Even without Arthur's death, Tommy would have relied more on the younger generation in season 5. Tommy would have included Finn, Isiah, or Michael in Arthur's absence. Peaky Blinders season 5 brought past-and-future tensions to a climax. Michael proposed taking over Shelby Company Ltd. after years of doing business in America, arguing that "an old-fashioned, backstreet, razor gang" had no place in the future. Arthur fit the bill.
Tommy might have accepted Michael's offer without him. Tommy couldn't rest in season 5. Tommy could have focused on politics if Michael's proposal had been accepted. Tommy's pride and seclusion as the last of the ancient generation prohibited him from helping his cousin. Tommy would have lacked allies during the coming generational battle.
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