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  1. #1. Why Lime Green? Disney Villains
  2. #2. Top 6 Best Lime Green Villains

6 Best Lime Green Disney Villains, Ranked

Lime green Disney villains have positive connotations, including health, growth, and reproduction. When used negatively, green can represent avarice, envy, and inexperience. Most lime greens are either dark green or lime green on a dark background (to give lighting and shade effects).
The color green has positive and negative associations, depending on the context in which it is used. We look at the dark side of this color, which includes greed, envy, and illness because it's clear that Disney isn't trying to equate those characteristics with their most terrible features.

#1. Why Lime Green? Disney Villains

Green is associated with avarice, disease, envy, and ambition. The color purple has long been linked to the nobility and, by extension, to authority. The lack of critical ingredients made purple dye extremely challenging to produce in ancient times.

#2. Top 6 Best Lime Green Villains

6. Dr. Facilier

Source: Disney

The Princess and the Frog is Disney's 49th feature-length animated picture, and Dr. Facilier is the film's primary adversary. To control New Orleans with the aid of his "friends on the other side," he is a bokor (a type of evil witch doctor).

5. Scar

Source: Disney

The villainous Scar is a fictional lion that appears in Disney's The Lion King films. Scar's feature development started in 1989 by Andreas Deja and animated by Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and Linda Woolverton.

4. Ursula

lime green disney villainsSource: Disney

The Little Mermaid is Walt Disney Pictures' 28th feature picture, and it stars a fictional villain named Ursula. He has superhuman strength, not as much as Triton, but enough to fling a mermaid towards a rock, as she did to Ariel in the alternative ending of The Little Mermaid.

3. Maleficent

Source: Disney

Maleficent is a sweet fairy, but her true love, Stefan, has tricked her. Soon after, she takes her revenge by cursing his daughter, Aurora. The villain, Maleficent, adds to the story's allure. Eleanor Audley's portrayal of the evil queen, Maleficent, has all the makings of a classic Disney villain.

2. Lady Tremaine

lime green disney villainsSource: Disney

Lady Tremaine, unlike her own daughters Anastasia and Drizella, treats her stepdaughter Cinderella with disdain. She took inspiration from Charles Perrault's original illustration of The Wicked Stepmother from his 18th-century fairy tale. If you are a Disney fan, you may find these real-life versions of Disney princes interesting.

1. Evil Queen - Lime Green Disney Villains

lime green disney villainsSource: Disney

The Evil Queen, also known as the Wicked Queen, Queen Grimhilde, or simply the Queen, is a fictional character who first appeared in Walt Disney Productions' 1937 animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and who continues to appear as a villain in the studio's subsequent films based on the Snow White story.
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