15 Incredibly Mistakes In Disney Movies That Only Eagle-Eyed Fans Can Notice

Disney animated movies always have a strong attraction with their bright plots, beautiful graphics, and wonderful music. A great movie can be watched over and over again because you get something new every time you watch it. Each Walt Disney movie enables you to immerse yourself in the world of the characters and relax. Therefore, even after more than a decade, Disney movies have still attracted audiences of all ages.
But are we so fond of Disney that it's easy to overlook some minor flaws in the film? There are a lot of mistakes in our favorite Disney movies. These errors can be related to everything from animation to inconsistencies in the story to the insertion of events outside of the movie's expected time frame. Even though they might not be that noticeable, eagled-eyed Disney fans can spot every strange detail of any Disney movie.
Nothing is perfect, so it's understandable when Disney is bound to have a few minor mistakes. However, it doesn't stop us from enjoying Disney films so much. Now, let’s have some laughs at discovering their amusing mistakes. Yes, there are so many that this list will only touch the surface of the problem.

#1 Lack Of Animation In "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs"

Source: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

When the Dwarfs leave the mine, they appear out of nowhere, most likely because a cell is missing.

#2 The Branch That Simba Was Hugging Kept Changing Shape

Source: The Lion King

When Simba clings to the branch, you will see that there are a lot of scratches on it. But after a while, the scratches magically disappeared!

#3 The Eiffel Tower Can Be Seen In "Beauty And The Beast"

Source: Beauty And The Beast

"In Beauty And The Beast (1991) when Lumière is singing ‘Be Our Guest’, during the line “...After all, this is France,” the dishes form the shape of the Eiffel Tower." - u/qtfrutii

#4 The Shirt Changes Color Quickly In "Big Hero 6"

Source: Big Hero 6

When talking to Hiro, the man is wearing a navy blue long-sleeved T-shirt. But in an instant, the shirt turned brown. How can he change his shirt so quickly?

#5 The Term 'Fracal' Was Out Of Place In "Frozen"

Source: Frozen

"In the song “Let it Go” from Frozen, Elsa sings about “frozen fractals all around.” The term “fractal” was coined by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975, over a hundred years after the year Frozen is set in." - u/JoystickMonkey

#6 The Dinglehopper Changes The Number Of Thingees

Source: The Little Mermaid

The scene where Ariel is at the dining table is one of the most interesting scenes in the movie. She has a magic dinglehopper. First, the dinglehopper has four thingees but later, it has only three things.

#7 In "Moana", Tattoo On Maui Predicts The Future

Source: u/everybodyknowsadave / Reddit

"In Moana (2016), Maui’s tattoo of being defeated by Ta’ka is visible before the event occurs in the introductory story" - u/everybodyknowsadave

#8 Tiana's Restaurant Has Two Names.

Source: Princess And The Frog

Tiana’s restaurant is called “Tiana's palace” but on the cover of the menu, the restaurant is named “Tatiana's place”. It doesn’t match the restaurant.

#9 Judy's Walkie-Talkie Magically Returns To Her After It Falls Off A Cliff

Source: Zootopia

When she fell, the walkie-talkie fell over the cliff. But then, it was in her hand again. Did she carry two walkie-talkies?

#10 Lewis Carroll's Name Is Spelled Wrong In "Alice In Wonderland"

Source: Alice In Wonderland

Did you see that Lewis Carroll's name was missing an "L"?

#11 Flynn's Shackle Disappears For A Moment In "Tangled"

Source: Tangled

This detail happens in the blink of an eye. It was the scene where Flynn was arrested and handcuffed. But when he touched Rapunzel's hair, the shackle disappeared. And in an instant, it reappeared as before

#12 Raja Tore The Suitor's Pants

Source: Aladdin

The scene where Raja bites Suitor is funny and interesting in the movie. In the past, many people thought Raja bit Sou's underwear, but when we look closely, we find out that Raja bit Sou's pants. Because a scrap of cloth should be purple.

#13 Roger's Hat Reappears In "101 Dalmatians"

Source: moviemistakes.com

The hat is left on the bench but it reappears on the head.

#14 The Wolf's Disappearing/Reappearing Tail

Source: u/DementoHazard / Reddit

Maybe the wolf has a magic tail!
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