20 Celebrities Who Were Actually Related To The Mafia

Throughout its history, the Mafia has wielded power over everything from the local drug trade to the highest levels of government. Although they operate beyond the law and are feared by many, they've gradually become accepted within the communities in which they live. These mobsters, whose lives are often violent and brief, are usually glorified in films and TV Shows.
In the US, the Mafia is among the most organized crime networks. They have hideouts throughout many cities across the United States, primarily New York and Chicago. This organized crime gained dominance during the 1920s Prohibition era via its success in the illicit liquor trade.
By the end of the twentieth century, the government utilized anti-racketeering legislation to imprison high-ranking mobsters and cripple the Mafia. However, they are still active today.
We all know how dangerous it is to be involved with these organizations. They operate in many industries and are involved in various aspects of the lives of US citizens. It's no wonder that some famous people related to Mafia. You can clearly see this in the performances of actors like Al Pacino and James Caan. The reason for their great acting in mafia roles is their ties with the mafia themselves.

#1 Debbie Reynolds

Famous People Related to Mafia, Debbie ReynoldsSource: user uploaded image

This seasoned actress reportedly has connections to Chicago crime organizations, according to Debbie Reynolds is a well-known figure in Vegas. When asked if people in Las Vegas should be concerned about being killed, she responded, "Yeah, but only those who need killing."

#2 Marilyn Monroe

Famous People Related to Mafia, Marilyn MonroeSource: user uploaded image

It is said that Marilyn Monroe spent her last night on earth with the thug Sam Giancana in Lake Tahoe, California. He allegedly persuaded her that evening to keep her affair with JFK private. She was discovered dead the following day, apparently by suicide.

#3 Frankie Valli

Famous People Related to Mafia, Frankie ValliSource: user uploaded image

The lead singer of the Four Seasons is related to the Genoveses. He acknowledges the links: "There was a significant amount of organized crime activity in New Jersey, where I grew up. It was just a fact of life." The mob controlled most of the clubs in the 1960s, so if you were an entertainer, you would frequently cross paths with them.

#4 Joe Namath

Famous People Related to Mafia, Joe NamathSource: user uploaded image

Joe Namath had a shady past before joining the Upper East Side club, Bachelors III. He had ties to both the Gambinos and the Luccheses. The NFL ordered Namath to remove himself from the establishment afterward.

#5 Jerry Orbach

Famous People Related to Mafia, Jerry OrbachSource: Metaweb / CC-BY

This late "Law & Order" star had ties to the Colombo family. Despite being an eyewitness to Crazy Joe Gallo's murder, he refused to help the police on the case. Orbach saw the shooter, but he never identified him before passing away.

#6 Elizabeth Hurley

Famous People Related to Mafia, Elizabeth HurleySource: user uploaded image

The Colombos have been connected to this British bombshell, claims According to rumors, Hurley was friends with Colombo Capo Donnie "Shacks" Montemarono, who the FBI was looking into for allegedly rigging UCLA football games. Charges were dismissed, but they continued to keep track of him.

#7 Wayne Newton

Famous People Related to Mafia, Elizabeth HurleySource: user uploaded image

This stalwart of Las Vegas apparently has ties to the Gambinos. Although Newton officially acknowledged knowing Guido Penosi of the Gamino crime family, Newton said he was unaware of Penosi's connections. In 2000, he stated to a newspaper: "I'm a Virginia-born Indian lad. What am I aware of the Mafia?"

#8 Steve Wynn

, Steve WynnSource: user uploaded image

This wealthy hotelier from Las Vegas is rumored to have connections to the Genoveses and other crime organizations over the years. Wynn and the authorities had a falling out in 1986 over his hotel in Atlantic City. Investigators found that mobster Tony Castelbuono, a friend of Wynn's, had been using Wynn's casino to launder the proceeds from his heroin trafficking operation. Wynn's gambling license almost got lost amid the controversy.

#9 Tony Bennett

Famous People Related to MafiaSource: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License

This singer allegedly has ties to the Bonanno clan. In the 1970s, he allegedly had a run-in with a well-known mob hitman. Tony Spilotro confronted Bennett for tampering with his girl. Bennett is claimed to have "turned his life around." after Spilotro aggressively smacked his head against a phone book.

#10 Frank Sinatra

Famous People Related to Mafia, Frank SinatraSource: user uploaded image

The Moretti family member and uncle of Frank Sinatra, Babe Garavante, was found guilty of murder in 1921 after operating the getaway car in an armed robbery. Old Blue Eyes' connections to the Colombo, Genovese, and Gambino families have persisted over the years.

#11 James Caan

Famous People Related to Mafia, James CaanSource: AFP via Getty Images

This actor, who frequently portrays Mafiosos himself, is connected to the Colombo family. "Andy Mush" Russo was detained in 2011 together with 125 other suspected Mafiosi in New York and New Jersey. Russo was publicly supported by James Caan, who also volunteered to cover his bail. Scott, the son of Caan, has Russo as his godfather.

#12 Liza Minnelli

Famous People Related to Mafia, Liza MinnelliSource: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License

The Gambino family has been connected to this LGBT icon. Gianni Russo, an actor, and former minor mob figure is reported to have dated Liza Minnelli. In addition to acting in The Godfather, Russo acted as a go-between for Paramount Pictures and New York Mafia boss Joe Colombo Sr.

#13 Joey Bishop

Famous People Related to Mafia, Joey BishopSource: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain

Due to his association with Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop has been linked to organized crime. He was friends with gangsters in Las Vegas and publicly made fun of his old acquaintance about the Rat Pack's ties to organized crime. Mr. Sinatra will now discuss some of the positive things the Mafia has done, he once stated.

#14 Al Pacino

Famous People Related to Mafia, Al PacinoSource: user uploaded image

Although more extensive links are harder to establish, Michael Corleone himself has reportedly been connected to the Genoveses, according to Maybe people thought Al Pacino was the real deal because of his award-winning performances.

#15 Burgess Meredith

Famous People Related to MafiaSource: user uploaded image

According to rumors, the actor who played Batman's archenemy the Penguin had ties to the Lucchese family. There have been no reports of any big crimes involving Meredith during the period when most celebrities interacted with mobsters.

#16 Robert De Niro

Famous People Related to Mafia, Robert De NiroSource: user uploaded image

Alleged connections between the Gambino family and Robert De Niro exist. De Niro spent time with gangster Anthony "Fat Andy" Ruggiano to get ready for his role in Analyze This. In order to portray the neurotic mobster in the 1999 movie, De Niro entered Fat Andy's head.

#17 Joe DiMaggio

Famous People Related to Mafia, Joe DiMaggioSource: user uploaded image

The Gambinos have ties to this baseball great. Some conspiracy theorists say that Joe DiMaggio paid the mob to beat John F. Kennedy because of his liaison with Marilyn Monroe (though that seems pretty unlikely).

#18 Robert Evans

Famous People Related to Mafia, Robert EvansSource: user uploaded image

This seasoned producer of movies is connected to Chicago's mafia. It is also said that Sidney Korshack, a lawyer who assisted mobster investments in respectable companies, helped him gain his position at Paramount.

#19 Joe Pesci

Famous People Related to Mafia, Joe PesciSource: TCM

The Genoveses are connected to the Goodfellas actor. Additionally, it is claimed that James Caan, a fellow actor, paid mobsters to beat up Joe Pesci in 1982 over an $8,000 hotel bill in Miami. Since then, they have reconciled.

#20 Tito Puente

Famous People Related to Mafia, Tito PuenteSource: user uploaded image

This legendary figure in Latin jazz is connected to the Genoveses, claims It's difficult to find out more information, but Tito Puente rose to stardom at a time when numerous musicians performed at establishments run by organized crime.
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