11 Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Once Worked At Hooters

Many celebrities have a humble beginning. While many are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, some don’t have a good start: they lived in poverty and worked numerous of jobs to make ends meet. And one of them is working at hooters.
For some actors and actresses, the first role in their careers is as a server in a restaurant. For example, Chris Pratt was toiling at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, before he hit it big, or the star of “The Fighter” Amy Adams worked at hooter at the age of 18 so she could save money and buy a car. Plenty of celebs work at hooters because of the high-earning potential, others utilized a career opportunity for increased visibility.

#1 Leeann Tweeden

Source: Wikipedia

It’s easy to recognize Leeann Tweeden for being a Playboy fitness model and for her numerous television appearances. Before getting famous, she waited tables at Hooters and became one of the top Hooters girls of all time.

#2 Alison Waite

Source: Gabe Ginsberg

Alison is both a model and a Playmate, but she spent time working in Hooters in order to help pay her tuition fees for college.

#3 Amy Adams

Source: Kevin Scanlon

Before making it big, Amy Adams used to work at Hooters. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Adams said, “it was a great job out of high school and I was a hostess at first, and then I waited tables for a while, and it was great. It was a great way for me to earn money for college”.

#4 Jesse Jane

Source: Wikimedia

Jesse is one of the biggest adult movie stars in the industry right now, but many might not know that it all kicked off at Hooters.

#5 Naya Rivera

Source: Wikibio

The star Naya Rivera started off her working life at a Hooters in Valencia. She claimed to have nightmares about taking that job.

#6 Jerri Manthey

Source: Wikipedia

Jerry was a contestant on "Survivor", but her first part of survival was working at Hooters.

#7 Holly Madison

Source: Wikipedia

As a teen, Holly Madison worked at the restaurant chain and then became one of the most famous former Hooters girls.

#8 Katrina Darrell

Source: Amino Apps

Katrina Darrell, known as “Bikini Girl”, was a contestant on Season 8 of American Idol. She once worked as a Hooters greeter but was fired after continuously leaving work early to attend auditions.

#9 Vienna Girardi

Source: Steven Lawton

After slipping up with her first husband, Vienna Girardi worked at Hooters to pay the rent and put food on her table.

#10 Samantha Burke

Source: Fandom

Samantha Burke is a former model and is well-known as the mother of Jude Law’s fourth child. Before that, she started her career working at Hooters.

#11 Teri Harrison

Source: Wikipedia

Before being a model, Teri Harrison was working at Hooters and took part in a beauty pageant. This did help her to get famous.
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