10 Celebrities Have Done Beautiful Things For Their Fans

Celebrities can be loved by everyone in the world and supported by their fans. Some of them really understand the role of their supporters. And they are truly appreciated through acts of kindness, adoring their fans back.
Stars like Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Chris Hemsworth are known for giving amazing things to their fans. With others' help out in more creative ways, Thor’s Chris Hemsworth gave a traveling fan a lift to his destination. When it comes to Taylor, she didn’t hesitate to buy a new house for her special fan. After all, celebs have proven that they might be also one of the most kind and warm-hearted people in the world.
Today, we have compiled a list of 20 celebrities who have appreciated their fans and actually showed it.

#1 Keith Urban Performed For A Fan In A Hospital Room

Source: Today Show

When Keith Urban traveled to Toledo, Ohio for his concert, he visited his 25-year-old fan Marissa English in the hospital before he came on stage. His big fan couldn’t attend the concert because she was suffering from an inoperable cyst on her brain. The singer actually brought her to the concert when singing “Blue Ain’t Your Color” at the side of her hospital bed.

#2 Keanu Reeves Surprised A Fan At Home

Source: Twitter/Ed Solomon

During the shooting of a movie in Louisana, Keanu Reeves made a family excited when they heard the news that the actor was just down the street from them. And the family posted a sign on their front lawn, saying,  “You’re Breathtaking. 
When Reeves saw the sign, he pulled over and left a note for the devoted fans. He actually left his signature on the sign a lovely surprise for the family as they next stepped outside.

#3 Justin Bieber Threw A Quinceañera For A Fan

Source: Knock Knock Live via FOX

In 2015, Justin made a huge surprise when throwing a Quinceañera for one of his biggest fans, Ashley, who was diagnosed with meningitis and couldn’t throw her dream party. He made Ashley surprised at her home with an army dress and told her to pick her favorite. After that, he escorted her to the party, where she danced the night away to Bieber’s biggest hits.  

#4 Tom Hanks Proposed For A Fan

Source: Texas Book Festival

When Tom Hanks was at the Texas Book Festival in Austin to promote his book, Uncommon Type: Some Stories, he read out a question from fan Ryan McFarling in the Q&A section. The question was a proposal to Ryan’s girlfriend, Nikki Young. Then Hanks asked the duo on stage, where Ryan got down on one knee and Nikki said yes!

#5 Taylor Swift Helped A Fan Buy A Home

Source: Stephanie Waw

In 2017. Taylor Swift help her fan, Stephanie Waw - who was pregnant and homeless, buy a new house. Stephanie attended one of Taylor’s concerts in England despite her condition. At the event, Stephanie’s mom said to Taylor about her situation, hoping that the singer might make the night extra special. But she did things that went beyond the mom’s expectations. The star took Stephanie backstage and gave her back the money she spent on the concert ticket, plus an extra that was enough for the fan to buy a new house and so many items she needed for her baby. 

#6 Nicki Minaj Paid Off Fans’ Student Loans & College Tuition

Source: Twitter/Nicki Minaj

In 2017, Nicki Minaj retweeted fans promoting her new single “Regret In Your Tears.” When one fan cheekily asked if Minaj would pay his college tuition, she replied by asking him to show her straight A’s, then she would consider paying it. After that, fans started tweeting Minaj like crazy, showing off GPAs, student loan statements, and tuition costs. In addition to that night, Minaj helped more than 30 fans with different education costs.

#7 Miley Cyrus Brought Homeless Fan To MTV VMA’s

Source: YouTube/Awesome Vibes

During the  2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus stole the show by bringing an extra-special date. Instead of bringing another star, Miley brought along a homeless fan. When she won an award for “Wrecking Ball,” she brought the fan onstage to collect it. 

#8 Chris Hemsworth Gave Hitchhiker A Ride

Source: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth

In 2018, Scott Hildebrand, a Chicago-based musician, chose to hitchhike 2 hours to Byron Bay while traveling in Australia. During the journey, he was picked up by none other than Chris Hemsworth! Still, instead of dropping Scott off further down the road, Hemsworth got him all the way to Byron Bay via helicopter. Later, Hemsworth made a joke about his experience on Instagram, saying he was pleased Scott wasn’t a serial killer.

#9 Ed Sheeran Performed At A Fan’s Wedding

Source: Instagram/Ed Sheeran

Actually, Ed Sheeran has done many nice things for his fans, but one of his best moments is when he crashed a fan’s wedding. During the couple’s first dance, Ed Sheeran entered and sang a song for them. Despite wedding crashers aren’t usually welcome, Ed Sheeran could be an exception.

#10 George Clooney Gave $1 Million To 14 Friends

Source: Insider

Back in 2013, George Clooney wanted to give back something to his 14 closest friends. But instead of writing them a nice card thanking them for being part of his life, Clooney decided to invite his friends to dinner at his house and let them discover a suitcase at their seat at table. Inside each suitcase was 1 million dollars - 14 million dollars in total. Clooney said to his friends he couldn’t have gotten their support, and the money was just a thank you for their support. And, he also paid off each of their taxes for the year. 
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