20 Catholic Celebrities That You Might Not Expect To Be Religious

One of the most contentious, influential, and significant areas of life for people everywhere is religion. The power of institutional religion appears to be waning daily as more individuals have access to information thanks to science and social media. This is particularly true in liberal communities, such as the Entertainment sector. These folks frequently speak out the loudest about their convictions, which hardly ever include following conventional religious rituals.
Among all religions, Roman Catholicism is by far the most popular one as over a billion people worldwide are members of the historic Roman Catholic Church. As you can see, religion plays an essential part in the lives of everyone, including actresses, musicians, and other famous people. In truth, there are still a lot of famous people who not only practice their religion but are also very pleased to do so in public. Let’s discover some of the most famous individuals who follow the Roman Catholic religion.

#1 Anne Hathaway

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Catholic parents brought up Anne Hathaway, who in her teenage years even contemplated becoming a nun. Hathaway cut ties with the church after her brother came out as gay. In fact, because of the Episcopalian faith's more accepting stance on homosexuality, her entire family converted to it.

#2 Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman grew up in a Catholic household and attended Catholic school. She held firm to her principles until she married Tom Cruise. Throughout their marriage, Kidman practiced Scientology, among other religions. Kidman reverted to her Catholic roots after her divorce from Cruise in 2001. She and her husband, Keith Urban, take their children to the church daily.

#3 George Clooney

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George Clooney was brought up as a devout Roman Catholic because both of his parents are devout Catholics. These days, it appears that Clooney favors an agnostic or atheist worldview. According to quotes from him, "I don't think there is a Heaven or a Hell. I'm not sure if I think there is a God. I simply know that as a person, I won't let this life—the only thing I am aware of existing—be wasted."

#4 Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez was brought up in the Catholic religion by her Catholic parents. She continues to practice even today, and she once wore a commitment ring. In Los Angeles, California, she joins Hillsong Church.

#5 Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo DiCaprio was raised Catholic, yet he does not appear to be particularly devout anymore. He met Pope Francis in 2016 to address the mounting consequences of climate change on our world.

#6 Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson was brought up in the Catholic religion by his two Catholic parents. He now belongs to a small Catholic group called Traditionalist Catholicism. With his 2004 movie The Passion of the Christ, he carried his faith to the big screen.

#7 Vanessa Hudgens

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Despite the fact that Vanessa Hudgens was brought up as a Roman Catholic, she now considers herself to be a non-denominational Christian. In Los Angeles, she currently attends Hillsong Church.

#8 Steve Carell

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Steve Carell was raised by Catholic parents, and he continues to follow the faith to this day. Even in the movie Evan Almighty, he played the biblical character Noah.

#9 Stephen Colbert

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Irish Catholicism was the faith Stephen Colbert was reared in, and he continues to follow it today. Even yet, he has admitted that he does teach Sunday school.

#10 Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the hero of the Terminator, has revealed that he is a Catholic. He added that he did not let his religious convictions influence how he led California.

#11 Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan was nurtured in the Catholic religion by her two Catholic parents. In her mature years, Lohan studied Scientology and Kabbalah, and there were even reports that she was converting to Islam. Although Lohan considers herself to be highly spiritual, it appears that she was just dabbling with other religions.

#12 Bono

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While Bono's father was a Catholic, his mother belonged to the Church of Ireland. While Bono was brought up as a Catholic, his brother was brought up as an Anglican. Despite being heavily affected by both religions, he does not formally identify with any of them.

#13 Tom Brady

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Tom Brady was brought up as a Catholic and continues to be such today. Brady's father feels that since Brady fathered a child outside of marriage, he should be a better Catholic.

#14 Nicole Scherzinger

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Nicole Scherzinger's grandfather is a priest, and her parents are devout Catholics. She continues to practice religion today.

#15 Denise Richards

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A Catholic, Denise Richards. After her mother died in 2008, she developed an even greater devotion to God. She has acknowledged that her faith supported her throughout that trying time.

#16 Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey was raised a Catholic and was born to Catholic parents. As an adult, he studied Christianity, Transcendentalism, Kabbalah, and Scientology among other religions.

#17 Conan O'Brien

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Conan O'Brien grew up in a strict Catholic household.

#18 Pierce Brosnan

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Pierce Brosnan's father abandoned his mother when he was a baby, thus he was raised by his Catholic grandparents. He continues to be a devoted Catholic.

#19 Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin was raised in a Roman Catholic household and continues to follow the faith now. In 2012, he wed Hilaria Thomas at Manhattan's St. Patrick's Old Cathedral.

#20 Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Catherine Zeta-Jones was raised in a Catholic household and continues to follow the religion to this day. She is married to Jewish actor Michael Douglas, and together they are instilling in their kids the values of both religions.
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