5 Mysterious Celebrities Deaths That Permanently Haunt Us

Live fast and die young, many celebrities quickly get to the peak of their career, then leave the world soon. They passed away for many reasons, some of them died of acute illness, others lost their life by being murdered, and even some of them took suicide. Their demise left fans with pain and sorrow in spades.
However, there are some celebrities' extremely cryptic deaths. They departed their life without leaving any marks. That ignited so many rumors about their deaths without any proof. Ex-member of Rollin Stone band Brian Jones was claimed to be murdered by a builder, while the “sex bombshell” Marylin Monroe was believed to suicide.
In this post, we’ve highlighted the top 5 mysterious deaths of celebrities. Let’s dive into them!

#5 Brian Jones

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Brian Jones was the founder and also the original leader of The Rolling Stones. He was regarded as the group’s OG bad boy. The Who’s songwriter Pete Townshend described him as “on a higher planet of decadence than anyone I would ever meet.”
No one can deny the talent of Jones, who contributed to the fame of a legendary band that has driven the crowds the craziest for decades. However, he also created the stereotype of the wasted rockstar for his notorious drug habit at this time. His work for the band sharply went down. “At first, Brian was the most interesting Stone,” John Lennon from The Beatles mentioned in a 1970 interview, “[but] he was one of those guys that disintegrated in front of you.” He couldn’t show up for recording sessions due to his dreadful drug problems. Worst still, he was denied a visa to enter the US in the spring of 1969. That hugely impacts the band's plans for a fall tour at this time.
In the wake of that, he was fired by Jagger and Richards on 8 June 1969. They replaced him with a new guitarist. Just over a month later, one was discovered dead in his Sussex home's swimming pool. Although Jones' daughter, Barbara Marion, suspected he was murdered, it was said that Jones had been drinking brandy and taking sleeping pills before deciding to go swimming, which is why he was "unsteady on his feet" and had "garbled" speech.
For many years, rumors have persisted that Jones was assassinated as a result of a financial disagreement with Frank Thorogood, a builder who was working on Jones' home and was the last person to see him alive. Many assume that Jones fired Thorogood and his construction team the day before the tragedy because they were taking advantage of him. Then, Thorogood and Jones might have argued, and the builder might have kept Jones' head underwater until he perished. The body would then allegedly have been transported to the pool to make it appear as though someone had "accidentally drowned."
Tom Keylock, a close friend of Thorogood, went so far as to claim that the builder admitted to the murder as he was dying. He shared “He said to me ‘I’ll tell you something after all these years, but you gotta promise not to say anything until after I die… It was me who done Brian’.”
However, despite harsh criticism of the police work performed at the time of Jones' death, the Sussex Police has examined the case three times over the years, most recently in 2009, and continues to stand by its original conclusion.

#4 Natalie Wood

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Despite the fact that many of you might not know Natalie Wood, her death is one of the most perplexing ever. The American actress, who received four Golden Globe nods and three Academy Award nominations, lost her life on November 29, 1981, at the age of 43, while on a holiday boat cruise and taking a break from the filming of her intended comeback movie, Brainstorm.
Although some crucial details were already missing at the time of her death—it was never known how Wood entered the water—the county coroner's officials declared at the time that she had drowned. On the evening of her passing, Wood was with her husband Robert Wagner, co-star Christopher Walken from the movie Brainstorm, and the captain of the boat, Dennis Davern. On November 29, around eight in the morning, authorities discovered her dead one mile (1.6 kilometers) from the yacht, with a small inflatable dinghy beached close. She wasn't there, according to Wagner, when he went to bed.
Wagner had denied at the time that Wood and Davern had argued that evening, despite Davern having earlier claimed as much. Wagner acknowledged in his autobiography Pieces of My Heart that he and his wife fought before she vanished. The autopsy also revealed that Wood had a blood alcohol level of 0.14 percent and that residues of painkillers and motion sickness pills, both of which intensify the effects of alcohol, were present in her circulation. Wood was believed to have been intoxicated and may have slipped while attempting to reboard the dinghy.
Lana, one of her sisters, expressed skepticism, claiming that she couldn't swim, had always been "terrified" of the water, and never would have left the yacht on her own. Two witnesses claimed to have heard a woman scream for help in the middle of the night while they were on a nearby boat.
Authorities from the Los Angeles County sheriff's office revived the inquiry in 2011, 30 years after the actress had passed away. The cause of death for Wood was later modified from "accidental drowning" to "drowning and other unidentified circumstances" in 2013. Fresh bruises on her arms, knee, neck, and forehead, in addition to a scratch and a scrape, were noted in the new coroner's report as indicators that she may have been assaulted before drowning.
In the updated report, "conflicting comments" were made regarding Wood's disappearance and whether or not she fought with her husband. According to the report, Wood vanished around midnight, and an examination of the contents of her stomach pinpointed the time of her passing. However, Roger Smith, the LA County rescue boat captain who assisted in removing Wood's body from the sea, claimed he did not receive a call to search for her until after 5 am, contrary to the original report that stated Wagner made radio contact to report her missing at 1:30 am.
After the inquiry was restarted, more than 100 people contacted the authorities, but it soon became apparent that the fresh investigation had not yielded any significant new information. Detectives asserted that Wagner knew more about Wood's death than he disclosed; the actor's lawyer refuted this accusation.

#3 Tupac Shakur

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Two years before Shakur's death on September 13, 1996, there had been an unsuccessful attempt on his life. On November 30, 1994, two armed men forced their way into the lobby of a midtown Manhattan office building where Shakur was working on his third album, Me Against the World, and shot and critically injured him.
Shakur was quick to pin the attack on Biggie and producer Puff Daddy. The so-called "East Coast against West Coast" battle that dominated hip-hop culture during the mid-1990s was started by Assata Shakur's allegations and his subsequent shift to the Los Angeles-based record label Death Row Records.
On September 7, 1996, while in Las Vegas for the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon boxing event, Shakur and his group were seen on camera fighting violently with a man who was later determined to be a member of the Crips street gang from Los Angeles. Shakur was a passenger in Suge Knight's automobile, the head of Death Row Records when a white Cadillac pulled up next to them at a stoplight and started shooting hours later. Four of the shots that were fired at Shakur and one that grazed Knight's head total at least 12 gunfire.
That evening, Shakur underwent emergency surgery that saved his life; in the days that followed, medical professionals even stated that his prospects for recovery had increased. The rapper, however, passed away from his injuries on September 13.
On 9 March 1997, six months later, B.I.G. was fatally shot at a stoplight in Los Angeles. The growing conflict between East and West coast rap musicians culminated in the murder. His passing occurred just a few weeks before the expected release of his new album, Life After Death.
Knight, who was shot alongside Shakur but wasn't gravely hurt, is rumored to have planned a revenge attack against Biggie, whom he believed accountable for the shooting in Las Vegas. Knight has been in prison since 2018 for a fatal hit-and-run, but no one has been detained for either of the rappers' slayings as of yet.

#2 Brittany Murphy

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Brittany Murphy, an actress most known for playing Tai Frasier in Clueless, passed away on December 20, 2009, after collapsing in the bathroom of the house she shared with her mother Sharon and her partner Simon Monjack. She died a few hours later, according to the coroner. Murphy passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 32, shocking Hollywood and the rest of the globe. This sparked many rumors about Murphy's personal life as well as conspiracy theories regarding the cause of her death.
After dating famous people like Ashton Kutcher and Eminem, Murphy married Monjack in 2007 after her friends' failed attempt to intervene by presenting her with proof of his criminal past. Shortly after moving in with her and her mother, he started cutting off all access to Murphy that wasn't via him. He even went so far as to assume the roles of her manager, agent, and makeup artist to further isolate Murphy from her friends.
In the two-part HBO Max documentary series What Happened, Brittany Murphy?, an ex-girlfriend and the mother of Monjack's child—a child Murphy never knew about—attested to his abusive, controlling behavior and serial lying. According to LA Weekly, Murphy was even let go from the final movie she shot in November 2009 after Monjack arrived on-site intoxicated. She passed away from pneumonia the following month, with iron deficiency anemia and drug intoxication being contributory factors, according to the coroner's report, which noted that she had been ill for at least two weeks. It could have been treated if they had brought her to a doctor or hospital.
After the actress passed away, Monjack and her mother Sharon continued to live together and exhibited strange behavior. Monjack argued against an autopsy in his wife's case during a television interview on Larry King Life. After Murphy's passing, the two of them also participated in an odd mother-and-son-in-law picture session.
Over time, fans and true crime experts have questioned the plausibility that a 32-year-old celebrity would die of pneumonia and have suggested that poison supplied to the deceased by her mother or spouse or mold developing in the celebrity's home could have been the cause of her demise. When Monjack passed away on May 23, 2010, from pneumonia and anemia, less than six months after his wife, the mystery deepened. Age-wise, he was 39.
These conspiracies are extensively refuted in the HBO Max documentary. After her father filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Coroner's Office and the Los Angeles Police Department in 2012, a lab tested the toxicology of Murphy's hair and discovered that it contained dangerous levels of lead. However, they concluded that the lead came from hairspray or hair dye because no lead or mold spores were discovered in Murphy's body during the autopsy. Brittany very likely would have lived if she had been sent to a hospital in the days preceding her death, when she was suffering from pneumonia and had problems breathing, according to the coroner who was interviewed for the series.

#1 Marylin Monroe

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At the age of 36, actress, model, singer, and recognizable blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe was discovered dead in her Los Angeles home on August 5, 1962. She was found face down, naked, holding a phone in one hand, and scattered around the room were empty medication bottles that had been given to treat her depression. The cited reason is? an overdose of barbiturates that was labeled a "probable suicide."
Many people questioned if Marilyn Monroe, who was rumored to have had affairs with both President John F. Kennedy (JFK) and his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, at the time of her strange death, had actually committed suicide. As opposed to this, the general public believed Monroe was killed (by being made to ingest the pills that ultimately killed her) in order to prevent her from disclosing the Kennedy brothers and other government secrets she was accumulating.
Robert F. Kennedy, then the attorney general in his older brother's cabinet, was in Los Angeles on August 4, 1962. But two decades later, Eunice Murray, Monroe's housekeeper, made the first public admission that the attorney general had visited the actress on the evening of her passing and argued with her. Even though it is extremely improbable that anyone would ever learn the truth about Monroe's death, the CIA still keeps data on it.
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