7 Unexpected Jobs That Celebrities Had Before Taking Off

We go to our regular 9–5 jobs every day, hoping to keep the lights on, the food in the fridge, and the rent paid in full to make our cranky landlords happy. People call it the "hustle and bustle" for a reason, and most of us can't quit our day jobs, no matter how much we hate them. Still, some people are willing to give up the security of a steady paycheck to follow a lifelong dream. Here are ten unexpected jobs that famous people had before they became famous.
Whether that means becoming a dog hairdresser, the owner of several restaurant chains in L.A., or, in this case, a mega-celebrity, those people find success. On the other hand, most people just think of an actress or singer as a famous person with too much money. We must remember that even famous people used to be ordinary people working at a burger joint.

7. Rihanna

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In 2003, this first superstar inked a contract with Def Jams CEO Jay-Z. Rihanna has nine Grammys. Given her prominence over the last decade, the R&B singer has been in blockbusters like Battleships. After researching Rihanna's past, we understood the casting choice. The singer was an army veteran. A fellow R&B performer was her drill instructor in Barbados' sub-military. Really? Who knew Rihanna served?

6. Barack Obama

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Our favorite President worked at Baskin Robbins in Honolulu, Hawaii. ABC News, The Dallas Morning News, and PolitiFact broke the story. Obama posted it on social media, then erased it. Why post if we're worried about what others think, especially regarding a past job? Poor dude scooped so much ice cream he became sick of it. Obama might get bored of dishing ice cream, but everyone loves it.

5. Ellen DeGeneres

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Ellen DeGeneres was so bored with her work that she did multiple occupations before appearing on Johnny Carson's show in 1986. This house painter and vacuum saleswoman became an oyster shucker. Oysters can get old, especially when they smell so nasty. Anyone would cry. Few know what an Oyster Shucker is. The job description usually means removing a shellfish's outer coating. The average employee wage is $45,000. We're sure Ellen wasn't making that much when she quit this job and others for her own program. Who'd refuse that deal?

4. Warren Beatty

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Warren Beatty's job history is wilder than working in a store window. Why did he accept one of the most demeaning and repulsive jobs offers ever? We understand he was 17, and teens don't make many good decisions. Everyone needs cash. There are better jobs than catching pests. Beatty was the crazy kid in class who caught rats in D.C.'s alleyways. As a womanizer, it probably serves him right.

3. Jon Hamm

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Not all nasty men deserve bad jobs. Jon Hamm's cheating husband in Mad Men screams real difficulties. Hamm's youth wasn't easy. He had multiple dead-end jobs and was stuck. A buddy handed him her adult film set-dressing job. Hamm once said he loathed his job, calling it "soul-crushing." Several famous actors got their start in pornographic films. It's likely what got him a TV show.

2. Cardi B

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Cardi B has no regrets regarding her adult Entertainment career, unlike Hamm. The Love & Hip Hop star turned rapper and Instagram mogul started dancing at 19. Few realize she was a grocery store clerk before. The Money rapper worked at an NYC Amish Market. She was dismissed after offering a coworker an unauthorized discount. Her former manager suggested she work at a gentlemen's club. The rapper has long said that her employment in adult entertainment rescued her life from horrific circumstances. Couldn't he propose modeling instead?

1. Megan Fox

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Megan Fox was another Hollywood "it" girl. Jennifer's Body and the first two Transformers films made her famous. Given Fox's appearance, we'd think she grew up on set. This lovely actress had a job, just like the rest of us. It wasn't as glamorous as singing Tina Turner on a cruise liner or being a living mannequin. She promoted a smoothie shop in a banana costume. We were disappointed, but everyone must start somewhere, right?
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