14 Funniest Attempts At Photoshop That Will Brighten Your Day

Have you ever seen a photograph that seemed off somehow? Someone's thighs were unreasonably small, the background was crooked, or an arm had magically disappeared from the picture.
We are all aware of how commonplace Photoshop is now. It is applied before almost every magazine cover, most Kardashian family photos, and even by some of our pals before they post on Instagram. It makes perfect sense in this technology age for people to use their computer skills to enhance images. But you might want to at least take a Photoshop course first if you really want to persuade people that your doctored image is grounded in reality.
The Photoshop Fails subreddit was created in commemoration of all the terrible pictures that people try to pass off as reality online. We've gathered some of the most heinous Photoshop usage that we couldn't help but chuckle at, ranging from people sculpting their bodies to accentuate specific traits to businesses altering their wares onto stock photographs.
When was the last time a photograph in a magazine or an advertisement that wasn't photo-shopped? Yes, I also can't recall. Photoshop is an excellent tool for airbrushing away imperfections and generating a beautiful image. However, Photoshopped images give people the wrong impressions and promote unrealistic ideals about what a person's body should look like.
These Photoshop flops, however, were not created by talented or malicious individuals. They either have a bizarre sense of aesthetics and Photoshop ideas, are blind, or are terrible at Photoshop. Some examples include giving someone a third limb, removing undesired body parts (or the entire lover part), or twisting some women's legs until they resemble wet spaghetti.
Enjoy this collection of amusing mistakes, and don't forget to vote up all the pictures that you find it hard to believe were ever posted online. Continue reading for interviews with Photoshop gurus Enrique Flouret, editor of Photoshop Roadmap, and Jesus Ramirez, from the Photoshop Training Channel.

#1 Bruh

Source: mwazz57

#2 Poor Hersie legs

Source: cryptic_slays

Don’t hate her cause she has curves... just say a prayer for that poor horse.

#3 A toy for your child if your child is satan

Source: jessiegay

#4 Seems legit

Source: hannahkp10

#5 Looking for face covers on Amazon

Source: F21lva

#6 I spit out my drink

Source: holluu

#7 Ghosts took the dog

Source: theonlyjamie

#8 For when your child is satan

Source: temperamentalfish

#9 Finally a shower that works with my broken neck

Source: ludotheo

#10 This online store photoshopped front facing underwear onto a model facing backwards

Source: ftctkugffquoctngxxh

#11 Never leave your baby unattened in a bath


#12 That time when American apparel cropped out horse's body from the picture

Source: boredpanda

#13 The arm, oh God!

Source: boredpanda

#14 Mysterious leg

Source: richard96050446

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