15 Celebrities Who Look Infinitely Better In Motherhood

Motherhood is wonderful... Not only are you bringing another life into this world, but also a lot of positivity into your life. Lots of mothers have reported that they are more fulfilled in their new role
It might not just be a matter of feelings. Scientific research has shown that new mothers have a natural glow that is distinctive. Hormone surges can alter the appearance of your hair and skin, giving you fuller lips, a visible glow, and thicker hair.
Hah! So next time some meanies go off with a “yo mama” joke, remind them that the new stretch marks and a few extra pounds are a beautiful part of motherhood.
But if that isn’t enough of a confidence boost, here are 15 celebrities who look infinitely better in mommyhood, just to show you how beautiful they are.

#1 Salma Hayek, 55 years old, 1 child

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She's also a bit of a superhuman in real life. The 55-year-old actress appears to be ageless and has been dubbed one of the world's most beautiful women. Her superpower? Being a mother! When she stepped out for the premiere of Eternals with her teenage daughter Valentina, fans were reminded of her supermom role.

#2 Cindy Crawford, 55 years old, 2 children

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Cindy Crawford married her second husband, Rande Gerber, in 1998. Presley Gerber, the couple's first child, was born a year later. When Presley was two years old, Cindy and Rande then welcomed their second child, daughter Kaia Gerber. From the start, the couple had enjoyed being parents. They found great joy in raising their children and molding them into wonderful people.

#3 Halsey, 27 years old, 1 child

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Ender Ridley Aydin, Halsey's adorable son, is one year old now. The 27-year-old pop star took to social media to pay a heartfelt tribute to her baby boy, whom she shares with boyfriend Alev Aydin.

#4 Jennifer Lopez, 52 years old, 2 children

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Jennifer Lopez is not only an actress, award-winning singer, style icon, and all-around badass, but she is also a mother. The 52-year-old "On the Floor" singer may be Jenny from the Block to us, but she's Mama to her 14-year-old twin daughters, Emme and Max.

#5 Scarlett Johansson, 37 years old, 2 children

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Scarlett Johansson is now a proud mother of two, having welcomed a son, Cosmo, in August 2021 with husband Colin Jost. She already has a daughter, Rose Dorothy Dauriac, with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac. She described motherhood as “magical.”

#6 Keira Knightley, 36 years old, 2 children

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The actress has two children and is a doting mother. Keira Knightley has two daughters, both of whom are named Edie. Her first daughter, Edie, was born in 2015, and her second daughter, Delilah, was born in 2019.

#7 Monica Bellucci, 57 years old, 2 children

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The "Passion of the Christ" actress was 39 when she had her first child, Deva, who is now seven years old, and 45 when she had Leonie, who is now 23 months old, and she says she chose to be an older mother because she wasn't ready for her life to change until then. Monica, 47, and her husband, 45-year-old Vincent Cassell, have been married for 17 years, and she claims their relationship has changed for the better since they had children.

#8 Gwyneth Paltrow, 49 years old, 2 children

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Paltrow, who has two children with ex-husband Chris Martin, Apple, 18, and Moses, 16, explained that becoming a mother caused her to reconsider her career as an actress. Paltrow revealed that when she took a break from acting, she realized how much she enjoyed being at Home and Away from the spotlight. She then decided to combine her interests in cooking, travel, and wellness, and Goop was born.

#9 Laura Dern, 54 years old, 2 children

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Laura Dern has become a household name as a result of her roles in films such as Blue Velvet and Jurassic Park, as well as the recent television series "Big Little Lies". She became a mother herself in 2001 when she gave birth to a son; three years later, she gave birth to a daughter.

#10 Gal Gadot, 36 years old, 3 children

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Gal Gadot considers childbirth to be "magical," and says she would do it "once a week if she could." A mother of three, she opened up about her motherhood experience. Gadot described her constantly shifting roles as an actress and a mother as the most "badass" thing she does. Gadot described her constantly shifting roles as an actress and a mother as the most "badass" thing she does.

#11 Olga Kurylenko, 42 years old, 1 child

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Olga Kurylenko has admitted that she wants to expand her family so that her son Alexander does not grow up as an only child. Twice-married Olga has a five-year-old son with former partner Max Benitz, and she stated that in order to have another child, she needs to find a man after splitting from Ben Cura last year, prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.

#12 Eva Longoria, 46 years old, 1 child

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When Eva Longoria Bastón gave birth to her adorable son Santiago Enrique Bastón in June 2018, she was overjoyed, as any new parent would be. Now that Santi is three years old, the actress, producer, and humanitarian, 46, tells Now To Love that she is enjoying motherhood just as much as she is enjoying her career.

#13 Alessandra Ambrosio, 40 years old, 2 children

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Alessandra, who has a three-year-old son Noah with her husband Jamie Muzur, believes her body is in better shape now than it was before she had children because she has worked hard in the gym to get in shape.

#14 Ashlee Simpson, 37 years old, 3 children

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Ashlee Simpson has played a variety of roles in her life, including singer, actress, reality star, and fashion designer. But motherhood is the one she has embraced the most. The 31-year-old actress, who married Diana Ross' son Evan Ross in 2014, has a 7-year-old son named the Bronx and a 10-month-old daughter named Jagger.

#15 Mila Kunis, 38 years old, 2 children

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Mila Kunis admits that being a mother of two children under the age of three is difficult, but it's worthwhile! While Kunis appears to have it all figured out when it comes to motherhood, she admits that she, too, can "overthink" things.
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