40 Actors You Totally Forgot Were Australian

Don't let Hollywood fool you into thinking that all actors are Yankees! Lots of Aussies have made their mark on the world of acting too.Due to most blockbusters having people speaking with a flawless American accent, it is easy to think that only American actors can make it big. But that is not the case.
With its unique and often dangerous wildlife and friendly people, Australia is a great place to come from, especially if you are an actor. There are many Aussie TV shows and Movies that are so big they make their stars global sensations. Think of the long-lasting "Neighbours", for example. With 37 seasons, it launched huge stars like Pauline Quirke and Kylie Minogue.
So, why don't you hear their charming Aussie accents more often in movies? Many actors have to fake their accents in their movies, to make it easier for the American audience to understand them.
This makes people think that certain Australian actors are American instead. Are you ready to find out which actors are actually Aussies?

#1 Hugh Jackman

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Everyone enjoys a little Wolverine in their lives. However, with the character's American accent, it's easy to forget Jackman is from Sydney.

#2 Chris Hemsworth

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Thor may be from Asgard, but Marvel's most powerful Avenger hails from Melbourne, Australia.

#3 Liam Hemsworth

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If Chris was born and raised in Melbourne, it stands to reason that Liam would be raised there as well... right?

#4 Luke Hemsworth

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Westworld star Luke was on hand to ride the waves of Australian beaches before Chris and Liam graced the world with their presence.

#5 Russell Crowe

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True, the Gladiator star was born in New Zealand. But because he was raised in Sydney, he is as Australian as they come.

#6 Jacob Elordi

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When he's not working in the United States, Euphoria's resident thirst trap (and star of the Kissing Booth films) still considers Brisbane to be his home base.

#7 Guy Pearce

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You'd never guess that the star of Memento and Lawless grew up just 50 miles west of Melbourne in Geelong.

#8 Luke Mitchell

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On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mitchell played American doctor Lincoln Campbell. No one watching TV would ever guess he's from the Gold Coast.

#9 Simon Baker

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Who knew that the man behind The Mentalist's Patrick Jane honed his skills in Launceston, Australia? We certainly didn't.

#10 Brenton Thwaites

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Thwaites is best known for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Titans, but the Cairns, Queensland native has been making a name for himself in Australian film and television for years.

#11 Sam Worthington

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He was once turned blue to save Pandora, but the actor is actually Australian by way of England.

#12 Felix Mallard

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You may recognize Mallard from his roles on Happy Together and Locke and Key, but Australians will recognize him from his work on the soap opera Neighbours.

#13 Dacre Montgomery

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Billy Hargrove is from Hawkins, Indiana, but the actor who plays him on Stranger Things is from Perth.

#14 Xavier Samuel

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Fans of the Twilight Saga would never guess that, unlike his American vampire character in Eclipse, Samuel is from Hamilton in southern Australia.

#15 Devon Terrell

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Sure, Terrell played a young Barack Obama in his early career. Fans would never guess that the Cursed star grew up in Perth.

#16 Ryan Kwanten

Australian actors  235Source: Getty Image

On HBO's True Blood, Kwanten made the ladies swoon as Sookie's brother. His genuine Australian accent helps his case even more.

#17 Joel Edgerton

Australian actors  Source: Getty Image

Given his penchant for portraying characters with perfect American accents on TV and in films, it's difficult to believe Edgerton is a proud Australian from Prospect.

#18 Eric Bana

Australian actors Source: Getty Image

He did, after all, play an American con man in Dirty John. Don't be fooled by his accent: he practiced it in his hometown of Melbourne.

#19 Ben Mendelsohn

Australian actors Source: Getty Image

Fans in the United States may recognize him from his roles in a variety of television shows (including The Outsider) and films (Spider-Man: Far From Home). Mendelsohn, on the other hand, grew up in his hometown of Melbourne.

#20 Geoffrey Rush

Australian actors Source: Getty Image

You've probably never heard of Toowoomba, Australia, but it's home to the man who plays Captain Barbarossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

#21 Alex O'Loughlin

Australian actors Source: Getty Image

Given how close the Australian native grew up to the beach in Canberra, it's easy to see why O'Loughlin wanted to play a cop in the recent reboot of Hawaii 5-0.

#22 Troye Sivan

Australian actors Source: Getty Image

Okay, maybe he's more famous for his pop hits than for his film roles. But the Perth native (via South Africa) is best known for his roles in Boy Erased and X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a young Hugh Jackman.

#23 David Wenham

Australian actors Source: Getty Image

While the Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot in New Zealand, Wenham was raised in Australia's New South Wales.

#24 Luke Bracey

Australian actors Source: Getty Image

He's used to playing American soldiers in films like Hacksaw Ridge and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but in the Netflix rom-com Holidate, he plays an Australian.

#25 Keiynan Lonsdale

Australian actors  Source: Getty Image

The actor behind Kid Flash may appear American in his various film and television roles, but Lonsdale is extremely proud to be a Sydney native.

#26 Jordan Rodrigues

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The actor may have played sweet American teenagers on television (The Fosters) and in films (Lady Bird), but his acting career began in his hometown of Sydney.

#27 Eka Darville

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Fans of the Power Rangers may recognize the TV actor for his role as the Red Power Ranger, but they may be unaware that he was born and raised in north Queensland, Australia.

#28 Callan McAuliffe

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When he isn't busy fighting possessed zombies on The Walking Dead. The actor enjoys traveling between Los Angeles and his hometown of Sydney.

#29 Jesse Spencer

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For a man best known for portraying a firefighter with a heavy Chicago accent, the Melbourne native does it with ease.

#30 John Noble

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Who knew the man who played Dr. Bishop on Fringe had family roots in Port Pirie, South Australia?

#31 Jai Courtney

Australian actors  22Source: Getty Image

Many Sydney actors appear in comic book action films, including Courtney in 2016's Suicide Squad.

#32 Chris Pang

Australian actors  2Source: Getty Image

The Crazy Rich Asians actor was recently in Palm Springs for a Hulu film, but moviegoers would never guess he's from Melbourne.

#33 Anthony LaPaglia

Australian actors  435Source: Getty Image

LaPaglia made a name for himself as Jack Malone on Without a Trace, but American TV viewers might not have realized the actor grew up in Adelaide, South Australia.

#34 Alexander Hodge

Australian actors  25Source: Getty Image

Insecure fans would have no idea given how well Hodge passes for an American on the show, but "Asian Bae" lives in Sydney.

#35 Keith Urban

Australian actors  2345Source: Getty Image

Yes, the country singer is probably best known for his guitar solos. However, he has also served as a judge on American Idol, which counts as acting.

#36 Brad Davis

Australian actors  45Source: Getty Image

Brad Davis in Spider-Man: Far From Home is not from New York. He was born and raised in the Australian state of Queensland.

#37 Jason Clarke

Australian actors  23546Source: Getty Image

The Winston, Queensland native and Pet Sematary star knows how to nail a convincing American accent.

#38 Daniel Lissing

Australian actors  qaSource: Getty Image

Sure, he's been playing a 20th-century Canadian on When Calls the Heart for the past few years, but his nationality is from another English commonwealth: Sydney, Australia.

#39 Kodi Smit-McPhee

Australian actors Source: Getty Image

Fans of comic books will recognize him as the German-speaking Nightcrawler from X-Men: Apocalypse. Given that the actor is from Adelaide, it's quite impressive.

#40 Adam Demos

Australian actors  53455243Source: Netflix

Many Netflix viewers swooned over Demos as the hot New Zealander in last year's film Falling Inn Love, but Demos is actually from Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia.
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