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9 Most Ridiculous Expenses From Favorite Celebrities

Being rich and famous allows you to indulge even your hidden pleasures, spending big bucks for just about anything you could think of, from everyday items to extravagant things that may seem extreme to others. Money talks and celebrities love to spoil themselves with frivolous purchases, throwing millions for ridiculous things.

Nicholas Cage, for example, is known for his crazy buys, spending $275,000 for an octopus and two king cobras, plus a dinosaur skull worth just as much, but he’s not the only one who loves to throw money around in this manner. Today we’ll look at some of the most insane and ridiculous things celebrities buy that will amaze you.

9. Nicolas Cage

Source: Getty Images

In 2007, Nicolas Cage outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for $276,000 for a dinosaur skull discovered in Mongolia. In 2015, however, he had to give it up after discovering that a fossil smuggler had taken it. Can you expect to get your money back if you steal a dinosaur skull from Mongolia?

8. Beyoncé

Source: Getty Images

At the 2007 BET Awards, Beyoncé performed in a pair of $100,000 gold leggings.

7. Celine Dion

Source: Getty Images

Celine Dion asked for a $2 million humidifier to shield her voice from the “harsh desert atmosphere” during her three-year residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It was so big that it hung over the stage as she sang. Suddenly, requesting Swedish Fish at every concert location that hosts Justin Bieber doesn’t seem that demanding.

6. Mike Tyson

ridiculous expensesSource: Getty Images

As you may recall from “The Hangover,” Mike Tyson spent $2.2 million on a 24-karat gold bathtub and three Bengal tigers.

5. Lady Gaga

ridiculous expensesSource: Getty Images

While on tour, Lady Gaga uses a $50,000 Electro-Magnetic Field Reader to ward against hauntings. One might assume that a person who is so terrified of ghosts would not want to participate in American Horror Story.

4. Kelly Rowland

ridiculous expensesSource: Getty Images

Kelly Rowland dropped $5,200 on a baby bath adorned with Swarovski crystals for Blue Ivy, the daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

3. Nick Cannon

ridiculous expensesSource: Getty Images

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey had a sweets-themed room for their kids. I know they’ve split up, but do they still have the right to legally adopt me?

2. Magic Johnson

ridiculous expenses Source: Getty Images

Jumping on the Burger King bandwagon, Magic Johnson purchased thirty locations. I would’ve bought In-N-Outs, but to each their own.

1. Johnny Depp

ridiculous expenses Source: Getty Images

Johnny Depp “flies in wine from all over the world for personal use” for $30,000 a month. As a recovering alcoholic, this is the item I can relate to the most.

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